Katie Price has been put on a sex ban after breaking both her feet.

The 42-year-old reality star's summer has gone from bad to worse, after she was told by doctors she won't be able to have sex with her boyfriend Carl Woods whilst she recovers from a gruelling five-hour surgery to mend her broken feet.

Katie fractured both her heels when she jumped off a wall whilst on holiday in Turkey, and because part of the recovery process requires her to keep her legs elevated, sex is officially off the cards for the time being.

A source explained to The Sun Online: ''Katie's been told she has to lie down and not move for two weeks when she gets home.

''She will have to keep her legs elevated to give her the best chance of recovery - and that means no sex or moving around.

''Carl will basically be her full-time carer - the only time she's allowed to move is to go to the toilet.

''It's going to be a real test but Katie will be following doctor's orders.''

Although Katie will no doubt be upset about her sex ban, she'll be making sure she does what she's told by her doctors, after they also warned her she could ''lose a leg'' if she doesn't take her recovery seriously.

Earlier this week, a source said: ''Katie's doctors have warned her she must take her recovery seriously and it's left her terrified.

''She's prone to getting infections after operations, and her surgeon says she could lose a leg if her feet get infected.

''She'll have to be so, so careful - she'll have medical professionals on call 24/7 - and change the dressings regularly.

''She's got a long road ahead of her.''

Whilst her representative added: ''As with all surgical procedures Katie's operation comes with a certain degree of risk, Katie has been fully informed by her surgical team.''