Katie Price’s big return to the ‘Loose Women’ panel this afternoon left her fans fearing for her health, following a break from the show caused by a “medical emergency”.

The 39 year old former supermodel return to the show on Thursday afternoon (November 9th), having been forced to take a break after a routine procedure, which saw her having her teeth fixed in Turkey, left her “really ill” following a mix-up in the post-operation recovery period.

Before she was introduced, fellow co-host Andrea McLean “Katie is back with us this morning. You’re going to be hearing how a simple procedure led to a medical emergency. She’s not been very well.”

Price then explained what had happened. “When I was younger I fell off a skateboard and I know I have cosmetic procedures and stuff but this is the only cosmetic procedure I actually need. So I had crowns and veneers and when you have kids your gums change, so I’ve been backwards and forwards to Turkey doing them – I think they do it better than they do it here, and I do research these things.”

“Last week they put me out for five hours which was fine,” the mother of five continued. “They gave me all the antibiotics and everything and then on my way I felt really ill and I realised because I didn’t read the box – because I’m allergic to augmentin, which is penicillin – that’s what I was taking,” she explained.

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“So I was really ill for about five days,” she finished, explaining that she still had stitches and was suffering from a bruised mouth as a result of the op. “I think anyone who has any surgery or anything you don’t just look great, it’s all the in-between.”

However, the reaction on social media to her altered appearance was pretty divided, with some people expressing concern and urging her to stop the facial surgery.

“Katie Price needs to stop pumping s*** in her face,” one wrote, while another posted: “Bit concerned about our @KatiePrice - she’s doesn’t seem herself at all. Bless her.”

However, many supported her decision to undergo the procedure. “Your teeth look amazing!!! Be strong confident everything will work out fine!” a sympathising fan wrote.

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