Rumours that Katie Price is pregnant for a sixth time were quickly scotched as the “family announcement” teased by the model turned out to be that her children, Junior and Princess, are to be the ‘Loose Kids’ for the summer.

The online rumours began to swirl yesterday, firstly after Price called in sick to cancel an appearance on ITV’s ‘Loose Women’ on Wednesday, which some interpreted to mean morning sickness, followed by a teaser trailer the following morning of an imminent “family announcement” to be made on the magazine programme on Thursday (July 28th).

However, it turns out that her two children, 11 year old Junior and his nine year old sister Princess whom she had with ex-husband Peter Andre, will be joining her on the ‘Loose Women’ panel during the summer holidays.

Katie Price Kieran HaylerKatie Price and current husband Kieran Hayler

Explaining her absence the day before, Price denied that she was in the family way and said that she simply had an upset stomach.

“I wasn’t alright yesterday because I was properly poorly. I’m not pregnant and it wasn’t to do with cosmetic surgery.” She continued: “If I’m ever off sick once in a while it’s a big deal. The truth is I had sushi that I bought from the train station and it was coming out of both ends.”

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Junior and Princess kick-started their presenting careers back in March when they appeared on a one-off edition of the show, in which they memorably put their famous mum on the spot with questions about why she and their father divorced, and why she had plastic surgery.

On Thursday, they began their ‘Loose Kids’ residency with a quick video tour of Blackpool. They then got asked some questions, with Junior’s adorable response to what he believes love is like getting many responses on social media.

“My idea of love is that I have a wife. I put all my children down in bed, then get in bed with my wife and put my arm around her and look in her beautiful face and say ‘You produced beautiful children and it’s all come from you and not from my face’.”


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