Singer Katie Melua has been left "shocked and spooked" after she was mugged in London this week (beg08Jul13).

The star was walking home from a recording studio in Notting Hill when a thief ran up behind her and wrestled her cell phone from her hands.

Melua was not hurt in the mugging, but admits she was left shaken.

She tells Britain's Daily Mail, "It was quite late but with the weather being gorgeous I thought a stroll would be great. And because I'm not familiar with the back streets, I was holding my phone out in front of me and following the directions on a map home. I heard running steps behind me and before I could turn to see who it was, I felt their hands grab mine and wrestle my phone out of my grip. I was spooked and shocked. But I'm relieved they didn't take my bag too."

After the incident, the singer asked a couple for help as she was too frightened to walk home alone.

She adds, "I went up to a couple nearby and asked them to walk with me and help me find a taxi."