'Supergirl' may now have wrapped its second season, but with fans looking towards the future, actress Katie McGrath who stars as Lena Luthor in the series has opened up a little bit about what she'd love to see when the show makes its return for a third outing.

Katie McGrath stars as Lena Luthor in 'Supergirl'Katie McGrath stars as Lena Luthor in 'Supergirl'

Now officially a part of the 'Arrowverse' after the series moved from its original home of CBS to The CW after its first season, there's a plethora of different opportunities that could present themselves for the writers, cast and crew involved on 'Supergirl', but one we didn't think possible is exactly what McGrath wants to happen.

"Jason Momoa, because I've worked with him before and I love him," the actress told CinemaBlend, when asked who she'd like to join the 'Supergirl' series. "He gives the best hugs and he's the nicest man. And he is the actor I've worked with the most that has surprised me. You have a preconceived notion about who he is because of what he looks like and he comes in and he acts you off the screen. So I'd love to see him in any role. He doesn't have to be Aquaman. I don't care. He can come in and stand in the back of a shot and hold a pint of Guinness if he wants. He's just a delight to be on set with. I think everyone would watch that. The man is a god. He is a sea god, an actual god."

Could Jason Momoa return to the small screen in 'Supergirl'?Could Jason Momoa return to the small screen in 'Supergirl'?

McGrath, when talking about the pair working together is of course alluding to their time on television series 'Frontier', which Momoa fronts as Declan Harp and in which McGrath appeared in a pair of episodes as Elizabeth Carruthers. Telling a story set in 1700s Canada revolving around the vying of control over the fur trade, the series has been renewed by Discovery Canada for a second season.

So, whilst it's highly unlikely we'll see Momoa bring Aquaman to the small screen in 'Supergirl', because of it being a completely different iteration of the DC Universe, it's not out of the realm of possibility that he could bring another character entirely to life on the series, even if that character is simply a bar patron enjoying a cold pint of Guinness.

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'Supergirl' returns to The CW in the US and Sky 1 in the UK later this year for a third season.