When 11.09.2013

Stars arrived, aligned and posed to celebrate the 2013 Self Magazine 'Woman Doing Good' awards, honouring the remarkable accomplishments of this year's three winners: JJ Ramberg (Good Search), Haley Kilpatrick (Girl Talk) and Lisa Scarpinato (Kitchen on the Street).

Katie Lowes happily posed for photographers displayed in a tight, black and white, monochrome dress, accompanied with a pair of impressive heels. She was later seen posing with Padma Lakshmi who displayed her thin figure in a long blue dress, enhanced by a slim belt around her waist.

Hoda Kotb responded to compliments aimed at her single tone, black dress expressed by photographers who she happily posed for before being seen posing with Jennifer Beal who laughed and spoke with photographers.

Megan McCain wore a purple red dress accompanied with a wide, black blazer and a leopard print handbag at the New York event.


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