Apprentice hopeful Paul Callaghan was fired from the BBC1 show the Apprentice last night after Sir Alan Sugar learnt of his romantic liaisons with a fellow contestant Katie Hopkins.

Mr Callaghan, a 27-year-old former solder, led his group of other contenders to France for the episode's task, but failed to deliver the goods and ended up in the dreaded boardroom with straight-talking Sir Alan.

Rival Kristina Grimes, who was picked by Mr Callaghan to enter the boardroom along with him and another contestant Adam Hosker, then spoke about the alleged romance that was ongoing.

The fiery Amstrad boss said he was very disappointed with Mr Callaghan and added: "Are you telling me they're carrying on inside the house?

"I am very disappointed. I had more in mind for you, I really did. I really thought that you were a contender. I think this has been a bloody disaster.

"You're a total shambles. You're fired."

The sacked former solder said he was "robbed" and that Sir Alan had made the wrong decision by sacking him over Mr Hosker.

He also denied that he and Ms Hopkins had been having a relationship, saying that they became close in the house, but never too close.

Only nine contestants are left in the competition with six tasks remaining, each fighting it out for one job with Sir Alan's company.

03/05/2007 12:40:50