Katie Hopkins has revealed that she recently received a telephone call from social services concerned about the welfare of her child, apparently based on what she writes on social media.

The 40 year old former contestant on ‘The Apprentice’ was speaking to Management Today and claimed: “I did have a call the other day from part of social services that they were concerned about the welfare of my child based on my Twitter feed, which someone thought might be damaging them. They said they had to call to follow up.”

Katie HopkinsKatie Hopkins apparently got reported to social services

On Wednesday morning, she posted on Twitter: “Some nutter even tried reporting me to social services for my kids welfare”. However, it seems that the call was simply procedural and that they won’t be coming to take her three children into care after all.

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In the same interview, the controversial columnist and TV pundit claimed that stay-at-home mums were “anti-working women” and believes that maternity leave should be unpaid, saying “they all need to go back to work.”

When questioned further about her stance, she said: “I’m taking them on for all working mums. If any stay-at-home mum walked in here I know I could take them down because they’d be a lame blathering mess. And anyway, are they an aspirational role model for your children? I think not. They are just jealous of your interesting life and then they say ridiculous things like, ‘Why have those children if you didn’t want to stay with them?”

Well, this is what happens when you press her buttons, people. Over the last two years, Hopkins has become notorious for her controversial views on, variously: migrants crossing the Mediterranean (“cockroaches” and “feral humans”); dementia sufferers (“bed blockers”); ebola victims; and children with names she doesn’t like. She's also made personal remarks about Kelly Clarkson, Ed Miliband, Katie Price and Lily Allen.

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