Controversial media pundit Katie Hopkins has revealed that she’s terrified that she may “end up paralysed” and may not even survive the brain surgery she’s due to undergo in an attempt to cure her epilepsy.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, for whom she writes a regular column that she uses as a platform for her notoriously divisive opinions, the 40 year old former ‘Apprentice’ contestant revealed concerns that the surgery, which carries a 1% of death, might leave her three children (India, Poppy and Maximilian) without a mother.

Katie HopkinsKatie Hopkins is undergoing brain surgery to try to cure her nocturnal epilepsy

“There’s a 40% chance I could get rid of (the epilepsy) altogether,” she told the interviewer. “But there’s a 20% chance I would lose my left arm or leg – I could end up paralysed. There’s also a 1% chance I will die.”

“We're trying to ask big questions about life. Is 11, 10 and 6 the right age? If I don't make it, is that the right age to leave them?” she intimated.

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Speaking about the risky procedure, which she’s electing to undergo to stop her lifelong nocturnal epilepsy, Hopkins said: “They take some of your head off and then wake you up and talk to you and get you to move your arm and leg as they remove part of your brain. The part they need to take out for me is in deep. This is the fear, it makes me sweat just thinking about it.”

But she says that her appearance, which may be altered as a result of the surgery, wouldn’t bother her. “They were talking about which parts of the head will need to be shaved, but I don't give a s*** about my hair. I want to be there for the kids, I want to write and to have my arms and legs.”

She took the time to thank her fans for their well-wishes, but also revealed that her Twitter feed had been bombarded with a ton of insulting messages from those who can’t stand her views. One had apparently told her they hoped she would not wake up, adding “sorry Katie, just doing humanity a favour.”

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