A disagreement over choice of school was ultimately the reason that Katie Holmes opted to take Suri away from Tom Cruise, with her former husband keen to send the six year old away to a Scientology place of learning, something the actress couldn't have been more against. Now, though, Holmes has found a suitable environment for her daughter to be educated - a new state of the art private establishment due to open this Autumn in New York City.

Life & Style reports that the school is going to cost an estimated $40,000 per year to put a kid through their system, though admittedly its facilities are nothing to be sniffed at. Called Avenues, the school has a campus some 215,000 square foot large, which includes a fitness centre and rooftop playground, plus a main gym that includes full-size basketball and volleyball courts. It also has a partnership with nearby Chelsea Piers athletic facilities, which, incidentally, is where Suri's taken gymnastics classes for years. The institution claims that it is a "world school", and will also have branches in China, India, Africa and Europe.

The confirmation puts an end to rumours that Suri would be attending the all-girls Catholic school, Convent of the Sacred Heart. A source said "Katie has eagerly been telling Suri all about the lunchrooms, basketball courts and different activities Avenues offers. Suri's really excited about it." We wonder what her father makes of all this, or if he had any say in the matter.