Katie Holmes would love to dress Adele.

The actress has a long list of famous faces she would love to see wearing the Holmes & Yang collection she created with friends Heather McQuarrie and Jeanne Yang, including the British singer, US star Alicia Keys and the newest member of the UK royal family, Duchess Catherine.

She said: "We love Adele. Alicia Keys. There are women, from rock stars to heads of state, who we'd love to dress - but I love hearing moms, teachers, anyone love our clothes. But, here in England, we love Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. I'd love to dress her."

The collection was inspired by the wardrobes of movie icons, though Katie admitted that after studying her heroines in detail, she realised it was the women themselves, rather than their outfits that were so stylish.

She explained: "We love Ingrid Bergman, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly. So we went back and said, 'What was it about those pieces that made them memorable?' 'Was it the highlighted slim waist, or the shape of the skirt?' And when you go back you realise you were looking at the woman, not the clothes."

Jeanne added: "When you look at a woman who has style, you usually can't figure out what it is. It's not usually because, 'Oh, she wears this designer'."