Katie Holmes wants to buy the right Christmas presents for her daughter because she doesn't want her moaning ''years and years'' down the line.

The 35-year-old actress has revealed her daughter Suri Cruise, eight, has already identified what she wants for Christmas - and Katie knows it's imperative she doesn't mess up.

She shared: ''We are getting ready for Christmas in my house and my daughter is eight years old. And she already has her Christmas list ready.''

Reflecting on her daughter's Christmas wishlist, Katie - who divorced Suri's father, Tom Cruise, in 2012 - told The Ellen DeGeneres Show: ''It's written out. She's very organised and I start to like get a little bit of a panic because you cannot screw up talking to Santa.

''You cannot miss any item on that list because if you screw that up that's years and years of hearing about it. And then probably therapy.''

Meanwhile, Katie revealed recently that she is ''excited'' by her work after agreeing to make her directorial debut in the coming of age film 'All We Had', based on the book by Annie Weatherwax.

She told Good Morning America : ''I found this book and optioned it and I have a writer writing it for me.

''I'm excited! It should be a huge challenge, but worth it.''