The Paranormal Activity 4 trailer has made its debut online and seems to suggest the latest movie will see a young Californian couple become terrified of a very small boy with a bowl haircut.

After milking the cash cow for all it’s worth, the makers of the horror series still think there’s another story to tell in there somewhere and seem to have resorted to the ‘demon child’ angle. Has this been done before? Yes, many, many times. But anyway, Paranormal Activity 4 once again catches up with Katie (Katie Featherston) and Hunter, whose last appearance together took place after a double murder. They move into a new home in Nevada, but strange things begin to happen to their neighbors across the street. Throw a child with a suspect haircut into the mix, and all hell breaks loose. The first three movies have totalled around $600 million in ticket sales, and we expect the fourth instalment to add to the tally considerably. Its predecessor set a new record for the midnight opening of a horror film – taking a cool $8 million.

The film arrives in theaters on October 19, 2012 – just in time for Halloween. Yeah, we think the marketing guys at Paramount of this got down to a tee now.