Andrew Stern, the husband of former America’s Next Top Model contestant Katie Cleary committed suicide earlier this week. According to the police, via TMZ, Stern shot himself in the head at a shooting range in San Fernando Valley. It happened on Sunday night. Stern, 40, had been married to Cleary for four years and the couple was reportedly going through a rough patch.

Katie Cleary
Cleary's publicist has denied the rumours of her infidelity. 

The suicide is now being linked in various tabloid reports to Cleary’s recent trip to Cannes. While there, she was photographed with Leonardo Dicaprio and Entourage’s Adrian Grenier. Katie’s rep, speaking for the Daily Mail, insisted that both conversations were completely innocent - Cleary and Grenier had been friends for sometime, while she and DiCaprio were having an innocent chat about animal conservation. The picture was taken at a nightclub.

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Depression and financial problems have also been suspected as motives for Stern’s suicide. But his friend Pace Lattin denied Stern was in serious financial trouble, saying that the couple's house was paid for and his family was 'well off'.

Andrew Stern, Katie Cleary
Sources report that Stern was struggling wih many issues, both within and outside of his marriage.

'Maybe he wasn't as rich as some of the Stars his wife was fooling around with but he was rich with real friends,' Lattin said on Facebook.

Stern’s is the third suicide commited at the San Fernando Valley shooting range within the past five years.