Actress Kathy Najimy's funnyman husband Dan Finnerty has shot a new viral video encouraging couples not to take carriage rides around Central Park.
The Wedding Planner star actually shot the promo as he followed one carriage, singing an anti-romance song and urging the couple taking the trip to climb out.
Najimy admits the horse-drawn carriage rides were one of the things she least enjoys about living in New York City.
She says, "We live in Columbus Circle and there are a lot of those carriage horses there and it's the one thing I hate about New York because they're (horses) in the traffic in the exhausts and the fumes and it's dangerous... and they died on the street.
"For 1893, it was great, but for now it's time to let them go run in the pasture."
And she's a big fan of her husband's new video: "He did this great rock video, where he follows (a carriage) singing a song to a couple in a carriage, singing, 'It's not romantic to take your lady in the carriages...'"