Oh no, someone's left the garage door open, and you know what that means. No, not that all those old copies of TV Guide that you've kept for no apparent reason in boxes have been ruined by the rain, or that someone's stolen your spare set of garden shears. No, because this is 'Paranormal Activity 4' and it means that untold terror is about to afflict those who own said garage.

That's what happens in the latest preview clip for the horror film that's made its makers Paramount a hearty amount of money over its previous three instalments. The female lead character Alex (Kathryn Newton) queries the fact that the garage is open (a garage? Open? Madness!) and with a now typical wobbly camera focused on her face she clearly starts seeing something out of shot from the rest of us (of course) and starts screaming and so forth. Switching up with this is a video showing a woman getting up off a couch, quite a normal occurrence really, but not when the footage of it's really grainy - that's when it takes on pant-soiling qualities, friends.

The film actually opens tomorrow (October 19, 2012) so you won't have long to find out what happens to Alex. The film is set five years after the original, and sees Alex and her mother experience strange goings on when new neighbours move in next to them. I'd take strange goings on over our neighbours not returning our vacuum cleaner for over a year to be honest.