Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty and Sam Mendes's Skyfall tied the Oscar for Sound Editing on Sunday evening (February 24, 2013) - the first dead heat at the famous awards show since 1968, when Katherine Hepburn and Barbara Streisand famously tied for Best Actress for their performances in The Lion In Winter and Funny Girl respectively.

Presenter Mark Wahlberg, who announced the award with Ted, seemed stunned by the result, telling the audience there was "no bullsh*t," and that the vote was indeed a tie. Zero Dark Thirty was the first winner to be read out, before the sound editors behind the James Bond movie Skyfall were also rewarded.

It's only the third time in Oscars history that a vote has been tied, with the other occasion occurring in 1932 when Frederick March and Wallace Berry shared the prize for Best Actor for their roles in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and The Champ. It's a hugely unlikely result, given the amount of votes cast for each category - most of which contain five nominees.

 One Twitter user said: "Tie at the oscars is kind of a bittersweet accomplishment. Congrats for telling them, they were good, but not good enough to be the best."