Kathleen Turner, the American actress and star of 'Body Heat' has seen her Broadway play 'High' close after just eight performances, reports OnTheRedCarpet.com. Kathleen Turner portrays a recovering alcoholic nun who works as a rehabilitation drug counsellor trying to help a gay teenage prostitute.
The drama will close this Sunday (24th April 2011) after just eight performances at the Booth Theatre in New York City. The show earned a mere $91,000 last week and also received a number of negative reviews. The play represents the first to debut and close on Broadway this year, but there are currently four shows playing to theatres with less than 50 per cent of the seats filled. As well as her role in 'Body Heat', Turner has also starred in 'Peggy Sue Got Married' and 'Romancing the Stone'. In 2009, she appeared in several episodes of David Duchovny's hit 'Showtime' comedy 'Californication'. The actress has dealt with alcohol abuse in her own life, admitting that she drank to deal with the pain of acute rheumatoid arthritis.
Elsewhere on Broadway, Robin Williams is currently starring in a production of 'Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo', which earned $477,410 last week, only 47 per cent of its potential income.