Kathleen Turner is worried about Londoners being ''standoffish'' when she celebrates her 60th birthday in England's capital.

The American actress is set to celebrate the milestone on June 19 when she will be based at the Duchess Theatre, located in Westminster, since she's starring in Stephen Sach's 'Bakersfield Mist' which begins May 10.

Talking to the Daily Mail newspaper she said: ''I will happily be 60 in London. I hope I'm able to celebrate because people in London can be a little standoffish. Nobody ever wants to bother anybody and that can sometimes make life lonely when you are away from home.''

Kathleen isn't worried about ageing but she sometimes looks at herself in the mirror and is shocked by the image of the person staring back at her before she reassures herself that it's a natural process and is thankful her age helps her lands starring roles.

She explained: ''There are times when I look in the mirror and go, 'Really? Do I have to look like this? What happened?!'

''And then I calm down and realise how I look now is what gives me the ability to pick great theatre roles where I can play women of character.''

Kathleen is currently starring as Mother Courage at the Arena Theatre in Washington and says she wouldn't have been cast in that role if she didn't look the way she does.

She explained: ''I wouldn't be doing Mother Courage if I looked like I did when I was 30. Some women my age want to look like they're still 30 but I prefer to look like me. I look at how I looked then and think 'Wow!' - but it's good to look like you've lived sometimes.