Katherine Langford's '13 Reasons Why' character Hannah Baker may be the entire reason that the Netflix original series exists, but the actress says she's ready to move on after two seasons of the show. Having committed suicide within the show's first season, but returning to serve as a haunting figure in the series' comeback this year, Langford says she's now done with the role entirely.

Katherine Langford is done with '13 Reasons Why'Katherine Langford is done with '13 Reasons Why'

'13 Reasons Why' hasn't yet been commissioned for a third season by Netflix, but with the cliffhanger ending we saw in season 2, it's surely only a matter of time before the streaming platform announce they'll be bringing the series back all over again in the near future. If that's to be the case, Langford will not be a part of it.

Speaking with EW, the actress said that she feels she's already left the character behind, and only brought Hannah back in the second season of the show in order to give Dylan Minnette's character Clay Jensen a sense of closure.

If '13 Reasons Why' does get renewed, Langford's decision not to come back is probably for the best. Her character didn't do too much in the second season, other than provide some incredibly awkward moments and scenes that really brought audiences out of the realism that surrounds the important and topical stories being told.

We should of course however see Minnette return. We saw Clay potentially getting himself into a lot of trouble when season 2 came to a close, surrounded by his classmates at the school dance. There's nothing stopping the entire ensemble cast making their returns, as each potentially have a heck of a lot more story to be told. 

Whichever direction the show goes in if it does come back, we're sure writers will be intent on bringing important narratives to the forefront once more.

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'13 Reasons Why' seasons 1-2 are available now on Netflix. We'll bring you more news surrounding a potential third season as and when we get it.