There's no denying the incredible cultural impact '13 Reasons Why' has had on the general public who enjoy binge-watching new and original series. Based on the Jay Asher young adult novel of the same name, the show came to Netflix a little earlier this year, and told the story of Hannah Baker, a girl who commits suicide but leaves behind a series of cassette tapes for those she said drove her to her decision.

Katherine Langford with '13 Reasons Why' director Tom McCarthyKatherine Langford with '13 Reasons Why' director Tom McCarthy

In the series there are some hard-to-stomach scenes, one of which includes the actual act of suicide being graphically shown, and since its airing there have been both huge support for the way in which the topics have been handled, as well as strong objections from professionals in the mental health industry. 

"Of course there's controversy," said Katherine Langford who plays Hannah, when discussing some of the complaints the show had seen. "I think things like these instigate discussion, which is the important part," she told Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show'.

"And I think we cover so many important issues in the show that are going to affect people differently depending on their own personal context.

"And I'm like everyone's feelings are valid, so I'm not going to tell anyone to feel anything differently, but personally being directly involved in the show and seeing the though and consideration that went into it...

"Also being a young adult, playing a young adult and covering issues that are relevant, I feel really proud of the way we covered it and the way we showed things."

Langford also spoke about the 30-minute special that comes after the series called 'Beyond the Reasons', along with the trigger warnings that play before certain episodes of the show.

Now that '13 Reasons Why' has been renewed for a second season and we will no doubt be tackling some more topics that will divide opinion, those working on the series will have all of the critique they've faced in the front of their mind when creating new episodes. Let's hope that when all of the creative minds come together, an outlook that everybody can agree on is reached.

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'13 Reasons Why' season 1 is available now on Netflix, with season 2 expected to debut at some point in 2018.