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Katherine Langford: 'It Was Really Cool To Be On Avengers: Endgame' Set

Katherine Langford is proud to have been involved with 'Avengers: Endgame'.Katherine was cast as Morgan Stark, the daughter of Tony Stark aka Ironman in the movie and although her scene was eventually cut, Katherine, 24,...

Katherine Langford Understands Avengers: Endgame Removal

Katherine Langford wasn't upset about being cut from 'Avengers: Endgame'.The '13 Reasons Why' star was cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie but her scenes were removed from the final version of the film. Directors...

Katherine Langford Wants Marvel Return

Katherine Langford wants to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.The '13 Reasons Why' star was cast as a teenage version of Tony Stark's daughter Morgan in 'Avengers: Endgame' - but her performance was cut from...

Katherine Langford's Lockdown Skin Care Routine

Katherine Langford wants to ''give back'' to her skin in lockdown.The '13 Reasons Why' star feels it is important to take this time off - owing to the coronavirus pandemic - to look after her...

Katherine Langford Won't Return For A Third '13 Reasons Why' Season

Katherine Langford's '13 Reasons Why' character Hannah Baker may be the entire reason that the Netflix original series exists, but the actress says she's ready to move on after two seasons of the show. Having...

'13 Reasons Why' Actress Katherine Langford Responds To Golden Globe Nomination

Whether you remember Netflix original series '13 Reasons Why' for all the right or wrong reasons, it was a show that certainly made an impact, becoming one of the most tweeted about series of all...

Katherine Langford Discusses '13 Reasons Why' Controversy

There's no denying the incredible cultural impact '13 Reasons Why' has had on the general public who enjoy binge-watching new and original series. Based on the Jay Asher young adult novel of the same name,...

The Cast Of 13 Reasons Why Praise Selena Gomez For Netflix Series

The cast of '13 Reasons Why' have praised Selena Gomez for making sure the Netflix series was portrayed in the ''correct way''. Katherine Langford, who plays the role of Hannah who takes her own life...

13 Reasons Why Writer Nic Sheff Defends The Netflix Series In Open Letter

'13 Reasons Why' writer Nic Sheff has defended the Netflix series in an open letter. The creative mastermind has spoken out about the show starring Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford after it has been slated...

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