Katherine Jenkins thinks her singing has improved since she got pregnant.

The 35-year-old mezzo soprano is expecting her first child with husband Andrew Levitas and has found her changing shape has added depth to her vocals.

She said: ''A lot of female singers say their voice is better when they're pregnant and I think that's happening to me.

''My voice is bigger and more rounded, so I'm loving being pregnant and don't want it to end.''

However, the blonde beauty is concerned her voice could ''scare'' her unborn tot.

She added: ''I just hope I am not scaring her with the volume and vibration of my voice.

''She'll either be in there enjoying my singing or she'll eventually start kicking and saying, 'Be quiet Mummy, you're too loud.' ''

Katherine is still working out during her pregnancy and doing her best to eat healthily, though she won't deprive herself of any treats.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''I've been very into fitness - running and boot camp classes - over the last few years so it is just a case of adapting that for what works for my body now. While I'm still running, I've swapped boot camp for yoga and spinning.

''I have a good attitude to food. I have a huge appetite but I make sure I eat the right things. It's about putting the right nutrients into your body.

''Everything in moderation though - if I want to have chocolate, I have it.''