Katherine Jenkins is in ''massive awe'' of key workers who are keeping people going amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 39-year-old singer can't believe the work those in key jobs - including doctors, nurses, and supermarket workers - are doing to help save lives and provide people with essentials during the current global health crisis.

Since the UK went into lockdown to help stop the spread of the virus, Katherine has been broadcasting live concerts from her living room on Facebook, and whilst she insists she's not able to help the country in the same way key workers can, she wants to do ''something small'' to bring joy to people's lives.

The 'Home' singer - who has recorded a version of 'We'll Meet Again' for charity alongside Dame Vera Lynn - said: ''The last concert, half a million people watched. People have been sending in photos of how dressed up they've got. Getting out of pyjamas, having a reason to get dressed up on a Saturday night, bringing a drink. Maybe watching it virtually with a friend somewhere else and asking me to shout out for a special occasion or somebody they're missing. It has a really nice community feel and we're on the fifth one this Saturday so it's something that started off really small and gathered a pace.

''Nice for me to have a bit of focus as well. Nice for me to be able to work towards doing something, because I'm in massive awe of everything that all the key workers are doing and I'll never be able to help in that way. But this is just something small that I hope will be able to help in a little way.''

Katherine is having ''fun'' playing concerts in her living room, especially with her two children - Aaliyah, four, and Xander, two, whom she has with her husband Andrew Levitas - home from school.

She added during an interview with Simon Mayo on Scala Radio: ''It's fun. I'm trying to do all the technological stuff as well so I'm trying to do the sound, play the backing track and getting myself ready so it doesn't always go to plan. But I'm trying my best.

''I was thinking about maybe you know my older part of the audience like my mum isolating alone and it was also doing it a 6 o'clock where you could bring in children to it as well. Because I think, if we are home schooling, which I am at the moment, you are looking for different ways to bring in music and the arts.''