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Rogen Fires Back At Knocked Up Co-star

Funnyman SETH ROGEN has taken aim at his KNOCKED UP co-star KATHERINE HEIGL over her suggestions the pregnancy comedy was a little sexist.Rogen and Knocked Up director Judd Apatow have never commented about Heigl's Vanity...

Heigl's Battle To Quit Smoking

KATHERINE HEIGL is desperate to quit her cigarette habit - because smoking has taken over her life.The Knocked Up actress only picked up the addiction six years ago, but claims it quickly got a hold...

Heigl 'Too Lazy' For Religion

KNOCKED UP star KATHERINE HEIGL has given up her Mormon beliefs as she is "too lazy" to follow a religion. The actress was born a Christian but her family converted to the Church of the...

Heigl Is New Face Of Nautica

KNOCKED UP star KATHERINE HEIGL has signed on to be the new face of Nautica's My Voyage perfume. The actress has already filmed the sea-faring photo shoot on a yacht off the coast of Long...

Fox Censors Emmys; Canada Does Not

Fox's censors were never asleep at the switch during Sunday night's Emmys telecast, which aired with a 5-second time delay. Launching into a denunciation of the war in Iraq and noting that her character on...

Heigl Bans Kelley's Groupies

Actress KATHERINE HEIGL has banned her pop star fiance JOSH KELLEY from having female fans on his tour bus. Grey's Anatomy star got engaged to Kelley in June 2006 and insists the Pop Game singer...

Rogen: 'Connery Love Scene Tip Didn't Work For Me'

Actor SETH ROGEN was so nervous about filming a sex scene with co-star KATHERINE HEIGL in new movie Knocked Up, he decided to take some ill-advised advice from screen legend SIR SEAN CONNERY. Rogen picked...

Pay Boost For Grey's Anatomy Stars

The cast of hit TV medical drama GREY'S ANATOMY has been given a huge pay boost. The show's star, bride-to-be ELLEN POMPEO, has closed a new deal that will earn her almost $200,000 (GBP102,600)-per-episode, according...

Actress Heigl Eyes Billy Bob

ANGELINA JOLIE's ex-husband BILLY BOB THORNTON has been deemed a "dream celebrity bang" by actress KATHERINE HEIGL. The former ROSWELL beauty, 26, admits that she finds 49-year-old Thornton extremely enticing. She tells FHM,...

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