Kate Winslet Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

2nd March 2016

Fact: Kate Winslet has shot down speculation she is pregnant with her fourth child after stars like Cate Blanchett and Brie Larson were photographed appearing to stroke her stomach at the Oscars on Sunday (28Feb16). The Steve Jobs star had actually been showing off the soft fabric of her shiny black felt dress and she dismissed any remaining rumours on Tuesday (01Mar16) as she returned to work on the New York set of Collateral Beauty, where she firmly told an inquiring photographer, "I am categorically NOT (pregnant)."

10th February 2016

Quote: "To be honest with you it has been such an extraordinary year for women I'd feel like I was letting my side down if I didn't go. And also I feel very strongly that it may possibly be Leo's year, and he is my closest friend in the world and I just couldn't imagine not being there to support him. I think those are reasons enough really to show my face." Kate Winslet won't be boycotting the Oscars later this month (Feb16), and joining her peers who are upset about the lack of black votes for this year's top awards.

1st February 2016

Quote: "I was alarmed to discover, actually, after working with Liam, that in fact he's closer in age to my daughter than he is with me, which makes me feel really young. Not at all." Kate Winslet was shocked to discover her The Dressmaker co-star was significantly younger than her.

15th January 2016

Quote: "He was loved enormously by so many. He was an exceptionally warm and giving man and an utterly phenomenal actor and gifted director. I remember being so intimidated by him when we worked together when I was 19, because he had such a powerful and commanding presence... but the reality, of course, was that he was the kindest and best of men. Had the patience of a saint. He was a warm-hearted puppy dog, who would do anything for anyone if it made them happy." Kate Winslet pays tribute to her Sense & Sensibility co-star Alan Rickman following his death on Thursday (14Jan16).

12th January 2016

Quote: "I dread getting on boats these days. Ugh, I dread it!" Kate Winslet admits she still dislikes some of the negative aspects of her Titanic fame.

10th December 2015

Quote: "I am so thrilled... I was very busy packing away boxes, I've just taken all our Christmas decorations out so I wasn't really ready for it all and was knocked sideways... I'm really excited, it really means a lot... This is a very strong year, there are some amazing performances. I feel really honoured to be a part of it especially for a film that I'm very proud of... I'm pretty ecstatic." British actress Kate Winslet was putting up her Christmas decorations when she heard she had been nominated for a Golden Globe award for her role in Steve Jobs.

24th November 2015

Fact: Kate Winslet is set to narrate a wildlife documentary titled Snow Chick. The TV show, about a baby emperor penguin's fight for survival in the Antarctic winter, will be broadcast in the U.K. over the Christmas holidays (Dec15).

13th October 2015

Fact: Kate Winslet requested an unusual present for her recent 40th birthday - pet pigs. The Oscar winner is now the proud owner of two six-month-old pot-bellied pigs called Mabel and Socks.

12th October 2015

Quote: "Every year I say there are going to be two things I learn: how to speak French and how to garden. And then I do neither. Then the year comes around and I'm like, 'Right, this year I really am I gonna learn how to speak French and learn how to garden'. And then it doesn't happen again. But this year, I actually really am. I really am." Oscar winner Kate Winslet is determined to add a new language and gardening skills to her resume in the next 12 months. Ironically, she portrayed French landscape gardener Sabine De Barra in 2014 film A Little Chaos.

30th September 2015

Quote: "The whole point is for everybody to pick it up and go, 'I'd like to thank my son and my dad...' You can always tell when someone has, because they're in there a little bit longer after they've flushed. They'll come out looking slightly pink-cheeked. It's hysterical." Kate Winslet loves letting visiting friends and family members fondle her Oscar, which she has placed in the guest bathroom of her home in London.

30th September 2015

Quote: "No one really knows what has happened in my life. No one really knows why my first marriage didn't last; no one knows why my second didn't. And I'm proud of those silences. I know lots of people who are not in the public eye who have gone through several marriages, I really do, and it's just those are the cards that life dealt me. I didn't plan on its being that way. And f**k me, it hasn't been easy, you know." Kate Winslet likes to keep her private life private.

25th June 2015

Quote: "I want to climb a mountain on my 40th birthday; I'm going to have a festival of parties. I just want to do lots of different things. I do feel really great. I feel naturally very strong... and fitter and healthier, and all those great things. Growing older, for me, at least, is really empowering and not in any way daunting." British actress Kate Winslet is happy to embrace her 40s as she prepares to celebrate her latest age milestone in October (15).

18th May 2015

Fact: Kate Winslet hosted a charity dinner in London on Saturday night (16May15) to raise funds for Cardboard Citizens, a theatre company which works with homeless people. The Titanic star, an ambassador of the organisation, attended the event with her husband Ned Rocknroll.

14th April 2015

Quote: "Flinging myself into that water, I was pregnant and I deliberately didn't tell anybody, because I knew they wouldn't let me fall in if they knew. Of course I had to do that bit, so I did, and I had a great time. It was (freezing), but I've done Titanic, so it was a bit like taking a cold bath in comparison." Actress Kate Winslet kept her pregnancy a secret while filming her new movie A Little Chaos, in which her character falls into a weir. Winslet gave birth to her third child, son Bear, with husband Ned Rocknroll, in 2013.

18th March 2015

Quote: "Kate has got a dirty mouth. I don't know what image I had - I think I thought she was a little more proper but she's not! She's a cool girl and puts you at ease. It was really refreshing working with her but I think there is some funny stuff on the cutting room floor!" Miles Teller reveals his INSURGENT co-star Kate Winslet has a potty mouth.

15th March 2015

Quote: "My children can't see many of the films I've been in because I'm always either dying or taking my clothes off." British actress Kate Winslet insists her children are banned from watching many of her films.

12th March 2015

Quote: "We've all got our health and we all laugh a lot. In my personal life, I really can't say why, but I've never felt more confident and happy... I have a wonderful man in my life who is so incredibly supportive that makes it possible for me to have those experiences. It's been a really fun time." British actress Kate Winslet pays tribute to her husband of almost three years,NED ROCKNROLL.

3rd February 2015

Quote: "It's this incredible serum - Lancome’s Visionnaire Cx. You’re going to think I’m just saying this because I’m the face of the brand but honestly... you have to believe me. This stuff is magic. I just bung it on every day under my moisturiser, or make-up, or whatever, and it really does make a difference. And I’m 39 next week, so I need all the bloody help I can get." Kate Winslet on the magic serum that helps her stay young.

3rd October 2014

Quote: "I had a terrible bout of acne after I turned 30. I kept reading about my sodding dewy complexion and thinking, 'Oh s**t, look at me, I’m covered in bloody spots, proper cystic bumps, if only they knew...'" Actress Kate Winslet reveals she battled adult acne.

2nd October 2014

Quote: "I think the reason that friendship works is because there was never any romantic thing. It's so disappointing for people to hear that, because in the soap opera of the Kate and Leo story we fell in love at first sight and had a million snogs, but actually we never did." Actress Kate Winslet on her long friendship with her Titanic co-star LEONARDO DiCaprio.

21st July 2014

Fact: Ned Rocknroll's ex-wife has remarried. Eliza Pearson wed Leif Christian Kvaal in Ibiza, Spain, two years after Rocknroll exchanged vows with actress Kate Winslet.

20th May 2014

Quote: "Nobody knows him - it's brilliant. They like to think they know him. They like to be judgemental because of his name and everything, but it's fabulous because no one knows anything about him." Actress Kate Winslet loves the fact her husband, Richard Branson's nephew Ned Rocknroll, is not a public figure. The couple wed in 2012 and welcomed its first child together, son Bear, in December (13).

20th March 2014

Quote: "I get to the end of the carpet, go into the loo when the movie has started, quickly change into my jeans and my T-shirt and flip flops and go to the airport and get on the plane." Actress Kate Winslet reveals her film premiere secrets.

20th March 2014

Quote: "So much attention is placed on this thing of bouncing back after a baby and I don’t advocate fast weight loss at all after having a baby... You’re nursing, you can’t; you have to eat and you have to be well... The idea of throwing myself into some work-out regime is just crazy... Mother nature this time has just been quite kind to me (but) I definitely still have a way to go, which is good.” Kate Winslet likes her look after becoming a mum for the third time in December (13).

19th March 2014

Quote: "It's difficult when you've just had a baby and you dare yourself to wear a skin-tight dress... They kept saying, 'Lean forward, lean over and I'm like, 'No!'" New mother Kate Winslet feared she would spill out of her little black dress as she unveiled her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday (17Mar14).

7th February 2014

Quote: "Her husband's awesome, the kids are great, but I don't get to see her as much as I wish." Leonardo Dicaprio is still close to his Titanic co-star Kate Winslet and her family.

3rd January 2014

Quote: "You hear horror stories where you think, 'God, who’s looking after these people and why does it seem like they’re losing their way?' I mean, you think about someone like Miley Cyrus, and I said to my daughter the other day, 'I’m this close to opening my mouth about what’s going on with that girl'. Who is actually saying, 'Stop for a second, what do you want, who are you?'" Kate Winslet expresses her concern for Miley Cyrus' wellbeing.

27th December 2013

Quote: "When we were in the house, it was like a pressure cooker. It really was hot and sticky and uncomfortable, and there were very few of us there." Actress Kate Winslet admits filming scenes for hostage drama Labor Day in a small home added to the frustrations depicted by her victim character in Jason Reitman's new movie.

23rd December 2013

Fact: Actress Kate Winslet has named her third child Bear. The baby is the first for Winslet and her third husband Ned Rocknroll, who she wed a year ago (Dec12). She has two other children, Mia and Joe, from previous marriages.

12th December 2013

Tweet: "I'm extremely surprised and absolutely thrilled to be included this year!! Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association." New mum Kate Winslet was not expecting a Golden Globe Awards nomination for her role in Labor Day.

12th November 2013

Quote: "It was really funny because we’re actually just moving house, and I honestly just took my Oscar off the shelf in the bathroom, wrapped it in a black sweater and put it in a box. And even as I did so, I thought, 'Wow, that is mine'. And whenever I hold it, which is very rare, I do stare at it like a little girl and I think to myself, 'My God, this is mine'." Actress Kate Winslet still marvels at the Oscar she won for The Reader.

12th November 2013

Quote: 'I’ve never fallen over drunk in a gutter, I’ve never had paparazzi finding me snorting cocaine, I’ve never even been offered cocaine, I’ve never even taken drugs - and that is really, hand on the heart, the absolute truth. So I felt somehow I navigated a way for myself and managed to not fall apart." Kate Winslet on growing up as a Hollywood star.

15th October 2013

Quote: "I sat down with two friends and watched it the night before it screened in Toronto, and I thought, 'Why am I doing this?' There are some particularly difficult scenes that involve my character and an infant, and I just kinda wanted to run out of the movie theater right away. I'm really proud of the movie. It is incredibly moving, but I think I won't watch it again for a little while now." Kate Winslet on her new emotional film, Labor Day.

19th September 2013

Quote: "I was never going to change my name to Rocknroll. I've never changed my name to anything so I didn't see a reason to start now." Pregnant actress Kate Winslet has no plans to change her last name following her marriage to third husband Ned Rocknroll last year (12). She was previously wed to Sam Mendes and Jim Threapleton.

12th September 2013

Quote: "I was feeling the baby last night and the baby moved, and that was a very exciting moment for me." Kate Winslet's Labor Day co-star Josh Brolin put his hand on the pregnant actress' baby bump and felt the tot kick.

26th March 2013

Fact: Kate Winslet has reportedly landed the role of villain Jeanine Matthews in the movie adaptation of Veronica Roth's novel Divergent. The Titanic star will join Shailene Woodley, Jai Courtney, Zoe Kravitz and Maggie Q in the film.

5th March 2013

Quote: "I've really learnt a great deal about myself, in the last four years in particular. I think I can see more clearly now - about how the pattern of past experiences has shaped who I am, and the characters I have played - and I'm grateful for that. I have so much more material to draw on for work - rubble, bricks - and I know I can carry it now." Kate Winslet reflects on life following her divorce from director Sam Mendes. The Titanic star has since remarried, exchanging vows with Ned Rocknroll in December (12).

25th February 2013

Fact: Richard Branson's mother Eve has written a new book called Mum's The Word in which she details the night actress Kate Winslet saved her from a house fire at her son's resort on Necker Island.

4th June 2012

Quote: "My Heart Will Go On gave me the opportunity to be associated with a classic that will live forever. If I just count how many times I sang it, maybe it will get me sick. If she feels tired just hearing it, and like throwing up, I'm glad she was not the one singing it!" Music superstar Celine Dion reacts to Titanic actress Kate Winslet's recent comments admitting she had grown sick of hearing the movie's main theme song.

30th March 2012

Quote: "Honestly, I actually now get onto boats and say, 'No jokes, OK? No jokes. Can we just move on from that? And if you have any jokes, let's just get them out of the way right now. Thank you. Anyone? Jokes, jokes? OK, moving on.'" Kate Winslet hasn't enjoyed boarding boats since starring in 1997's Titanic.

30th March 2012

Quote: "Like throwing up. No, I shouldn't say that. No, actually, I do feel like throwing up." Kate Winslet isn't a fan of Celine Dion's Titanic theme song My Heart Will Go On.

14th February 2012

Quote: "I was literally like, 'Oh my God, make it stop! Is that me? Oh my God, that's me. Block my ears, somebody! Somebody club out my senses. Make it f**king stop!' I'm sure I wasn't really a very good actress. Seriously, we are talking about something that happened 15 years ago. It is a very long time ago." Kate Winslet on revisiting her hit film Titanic now it has been released in 3D.

16th January 2012

Quote: "I would like to one day play a man... I think that would be the ultimate challenge." Kate Winslet would like to follow Glenn Close, Barbra Streisand and Hilary Swank by playing a male in a movie.

11th November 2011

Quote: "I don't have good posture. Mum was always telling me to stand up straight, so I'm very conscious of standing tall on the red carpet." Kate Winslet on her secret to looking good in front of the camera.

9th November 2011

Fact: Oscar winner Kate Winslet has been immortalised in wax. The Titanic star's figure was unveiled on Wednesday (09Nov11) alongside fellow British actresses Dame Helen Mirren and Dame Judi Dench at Madame Tussauds in London.

4th November 2011

Fact: Kate Winslet is launching a new cosmetics line through Lancome to benefit her Golden Hat Foundation for autistic children. The items featured in the make-up venture include five shades of hydrating lipstick.

19th September 2011

Quote: "I got to have sex with Kate Winslet many, many times and I didn't realise it was gonna result in this! So Kate, I share this with you - because you're an extraordinary woman, thank you for allowing me to insert myself into the world of Mildred!" Australian actor Guy Pearce sends a cheeky shout-out to his Mildred Pierce co-star Kate Winslet after claiming the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie.

8th September 2011

Quote: "I'm much more obsessive about taking shoes on and off and hand washing, not touching handles in and out of public restrooms." Kate Winslet has become a hygiene freak after starring in disaster movie Contagion, in which she plays a doctor fighting a pandemic.

8th September 2011

Quote: "He's hilariously funny. Believe me, I've YouTubed Delirious probably as much as the next man has and I'm sure he'll be hysterical." Kate Winslet can't wait to watch Eddie Murphy host the Oscars after watching clips of his cult concert film Delirious.

22nd June 2011

Fact: British actress Kate Winslet was honoured for her humanitarian work at the Yo Dona Magazine International Awards in Madrid, Spain on Tuesday night (21Jun11).

2nd June 2011

Quote: "Guy Pearce was my teen heart-throb as Mike in Neighbours. I'd fake illness to stay off school to watch him." Kate Winslet was delighted to land her teen idol as a co-star in TV miniseries Mildred Pierce.

26th April 2011

Quote: "I'm constantly humbled. Just at the moment when you think, I'll call and get a table at this restaurant, they're always like, 'Who?' So whenever you try and pull that out, it never works. People are always saying they loved me in Titanic." Australian actress Cate Blanchett is often mistaken for Kate Winslet.

2nd April 2011

Quote: "I keep my Oscar in the toilet because everyone wants to touch it, hold it and go, 'Oh my gosh! How heavy is it?' So I thought if I put it in the loo, people can avoid the whole, 'Where's your Oscar? thing' and sneakily have a little you know... and put it back down again." British actress Kate Winslet allows her houses guests to handle her Academy Award statuette.

14th March 2011

Quote: "I look very different from how people expect me to be... Clearly they think I'm a great big fat viking." Actress Kate Winslet on the public's perception of her.

14th March 2011

Quote: "I love it when a character requires me to look less than my red-carpet best. It's more fun playing a character that requires you to look like dog s**t." Actress Kate Winslet prefers playing less glamorous roles.

13th March 2011

Quote: "I don't have parts of my body that I hate or would like to trade for somebody else's or wish I could surgically adjust into some fantasy version of what they are." British beauty Kate Winslet isn't interested in getting plastic surgery.

13th March 2011

Quote: "I want them to know that when we fly first class, that they are lucky.The highest compliment I could ever receive about my kids - and I can say that this does happen frequently - is when the in-flight crew say to me, 'You're children are wonderful. They are so well-behaved.' Every time I am told that, I could weep." Actress Kate Winslet tries to keep her kids grounded.

11th March 2011

Quote: "I am nervous about the day that Mia can google (my name). That's the reason I am so careful not to talk about the question that people always ask of me: 'So what actually happened between you and Sam (Mendes)?' That explanation will never come out of my mouth. Never." Actress Kate Winslet prefers to keep the reasons behind her marital breakdown private in order to protect her children.

11th November 2010

Quote: "TITANIC was the most expensive film ever made. I went to the launch party and was sick on Kate Winslet's sister's shoe." Blur star Alex James caused trouble at the height of the band's fame in the 1990s.

9th September 2010

Fact: TITANIC beauty Kate Winslet has been unveiled as the new Ambassador of Elegance for luxury Swiss watch brand Longines. The British Oscar winner joins Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai and Taiwanese actress Chi Ling Lin as spokesmodels for the label.

14th July 2010

Quote: "I adore her! She's an amazing actress, one of my favourites. And she's also really one hell of a girl! We have never worked together, sadly, but there's still time." Julia Roberts would love to star alongside Kate Winslet.

19th April 2010

Fact: A group of Hollywood's leading ladies including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore, Penelope Cruz, Meryl Streep and Naomi Watts have teamed up to share the cover of France's Vogue magazine. All six stars are seen in the photoshoot for Vogue Paris' May (10) issue.

5th April 2010

Quote: "I had my daughter Mia when I was 25. I always wanted children young. I just did. It was always part of my plan. I didn't want to get to 38 and go, 'Oh s**t.'" Kate Winslet wasn't going to let her acting career take precedence over motherhood.

29th March 2010

Fact: Kate Winslet was snapped in New York without her wedding ring on Saturday (27Mar10) for the first time since it was revealed she has split from director husband Sam Mendes.

16th March 2010

Fact: British actress Kate Winslet escaped the media furore over her split from husband Sam Mendes by booking a relaxing holiday in Mexico. The Oscar-winner jetted to a sun-soaked resort with her two children and has been pictured frolicking on the beach just a day after her representatives released a statement announcing the couple has separated.

18th September 2009

Fact: Kate Winslet has been crowned the most stylish woman on the red carpet by the editors of U.S. magazine People. The poll also named Reese Witherspoon the star with the best short dresses, while High School Musical graduate Vanessa Hudgens was given the best hippie chic title.

10th September 2009

Quote: "I don't feel self-conscious any more. I really like being 33, and I don't think I look younger than I am or older than I am." Kate Winslet embraces the ageing process.

30th July 2009

Fact: THE READER, Kate Winslet's hard-hitting movie about a World War Two concentration camp worker, is the sixth highest grossing film of 2009 in Germany. The movie, which won Winslet her first Oscar, recently passed the $100 million (£66.6 million) mark in global ticket sales.

20th July 2009

Quote: "I will particularly say when I look at movie posters, 'You guys have airbrushed my forehead. Please can you change it back?' I'd rather be the woman they're saying, 'She's looking older,' about than 'She's looking stoned.'" Hollywood actress Kate Winslet, 33, is against fighting the ageing process.

19th July 2009

Quote: "I danced a lot when I was younger, and I've always had decent, shapely legs and thought it's now or never. I mean, when you're pushing 40, are you really going to wander around in a dress that's midthigh length? So I thought, Oh, f**k it, I'm just going to do it."Kate Winslet is defying age by wearing shorter hemlines.

9th July 2009

Quote: "Romance to me is spontaneity. It's not diamond earrings; it's a bunch of daffodils that's freshly picked from the field. Or just a little thing like (husband) Sam (Mendes) calling me at three in the afternoon, saying, 'I'm coming home now. I'm done for the day.' It's romantic because he just thought, 'I'll go home. I want to be with Kate and the kids.'" Kate Winslet insists her love can't be bought.

8th July 2009

Quote: "If people are noticing my boobs in a movie and saying they do what real boobs do, then that's great... I'll be 34 in October (09). I can't keep getting away with (nudity). There was so much of it in The Reader because the story required it, but people have seen enough of my bum and my boobs. I have to put them back." British actress Kate Winslet stands by her vow to stop disrobing onscreen after her Oscar-winning role in 2008 drama THE READER.

8th July 2009

Quote: "There are two things in life I've never been offered: one is cocaine, the other is a body double." Kate Winslet insists no one stands in for her when she's filming nude scenes in movies.

29th May 2009

Quote: "During the Oscars, I was thinking about how she totally has that thing, she has her family and children and life and she seems really together and solid - and yet she can completely devastate you on screen." Winona Ryder thinks Kate Winslet has it all.

3rd May 2009

Fact: Kate Winslet scaled the rooftop of a New York City building in a little black dress and stilettos on Friday (01May09) for sexy new photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar magazine. The Oscar winner posed seductively on the steel girders and flashed her underwear in another outfit as a photographer snapped away for an upcoming issue of the fashion publication.

21st April 2009

Quote: "I love to think that somewhere out there are young girls that think, 'Well, I'd rather look like Kate and be happy, than look like someone else and be very thin and miserable all the time.' Because what's so sexy about being miserable?" Curvy actress Kate Winslet is proud of her role model status.

2nd March 2009

Quote: "Just doing it again makes it easier. You're not really having sex with these people, you've got some little covering thing. It's not pornography. It's acting and it's just a part of this job." Kate Winslet on movie sex scenes.

28th February 2009

Quote: "The Oscar's going in the loo, next to Sam's." Kate Winslet plans to keep her Academy Award trophy in the bathroom, alongside her husband Sam Mendes' statuette.

25th February 2009

Fact: A baker in Kate Winslet's hometown of Reading, England celebrated the star's Academy Award win on Sunday (22Feb09) by creating a one-of-a-kind pie. Its ingredients - Orkney beef, swede, carrot, apple and red wine - spell out Oscar.

25th February 2009

Quote: "I keep looking at him and going: 'Ooh wow.' Looking at every little piece - very nice little bottom." Kate Winslet is infatuated with her Best Actress Oscar statuette - awarded to her on Sunday night (22Feb09) for her performance in THE READER.

24th February 2009

Quote: "She was absolutely mortified that I had worn a grey dress." Kate Winslet's young daughter was disappointed with mum's YVES SAINT LAURENT Oscar night gown.

24th February 2009

Fact: The golden leaf pendant necklace Kate Winslet is wearing on the cover of the new Time magazine was a gift from her TITANIC and REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star Leonardo Dicaprio.

23rd February 2009

Quote: "I did it! Oh my god, it feels like a newborn baby! Look at that, Britain! And don't be mean about my speech 'cause I didn't cry - ha!" Kate Winslet hopes her Oscar acceptance speech is better received than her widely-mocked Golden Globes winning speech.

23rd February 2009

Quote: "I was so desperate to know where my mum and dad were because I was looking for them all night and I just could not see them. So I had to get my dad to do that whistle. My dad is a complete rock star - he's already at the bar." Kate Winslet explains why she singled out her dad Roger while accepting her Best Actress Oscar on Sunday (22Feb09).

21st February 2009

Quote: You know it is nerve wracking. I think it's very nerve wracking. OK! It is really scary. I'm very excited but you know it's a big moment in anyone's life. The fact that I've been through this before seems to make no difference as to the level of nerves. But, I'm very excited." Kate Winslet is suffering mixed emotions ahead of Sunday's (22Feb09) Academy Awards ceremony, where she is nominated in the Best Actress category for her role in THE READER.

20th February 2009

Quote: "I haven't made a final decision yet as to who I'll be wearing. I think I can wear whatever I want, can't I? It would be nice to wear British, but it just doesn't always happen that way. It's going to be a case of whatever feels the most comfortable on the day." Kate Winslet ponders fashion choices ahead of Sunday's (22Feb09) Academy Awards.

20th February 2009

Quote: "It's like the longest wedding of anyone's life. You really have to be ready to leave by three in the afternoon, you sit in all that traffic to get there and you don't take the dress off until three in the morning - if you're lucky." Kate Winslet on the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday (22feb09).

18th February 2009

Quote: "It's like, 'Oh God, what if I trip over, what if I say something stupid, I wonder if they can see the big zit on my chin?' The relief moment is when you get in the doors and there aren't any cameras and you go, 'Phew! Where's the bathroom?'" Kate Winslet is dreading walking the red carpet on Oscars night (22Feb09).

17th February 2009

Quote: "Kate is my biggest supporter in this industry because every time I meet her she is always there for me. She's looking at me saying, 'See it through.' So it feels really good that she's there for me and looking after me." Indian actress Freida Pinto, 24, credits new mentor Kate Winslet, 33, with calming her nerves during the whirlwind success of new movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

17th February 2009

Fact: Golden Globe and BAFTA recipient Kate Winslet is not the only winner in her family - her mum SALLY has been voted the Queen of the Shallots by an English pub, thanks to her perfect pickled onions.

12th February 2009

Quote: "I plan everything in advance: who's dropping off, who's picking up. We have charts, maps and lists on the fridge, all over the house. I sometimes feel like I'm with the CIA." Kate Winslet is an organised parent.

12th February 2009

Quote: "It's all the build-up. When I get in the car I just feel sick to the stomach." Kate Winslet is terrified of award ceremonies.

11th February 2009

Quote: "I was the one who was missing everybody and wondering if they had returned their library books, remembered their P.E. kits and put the right things in their packed lunches. I left notes everywhere: 'Have you brushed your teeth?' with a big picture of a smile and a toothbrush." Mum-of-two Kate Winslet worries about her kids when she is filming abroad.

9th February 2009

Quote: "I honestly think it's the best thing he's ever done but it's just the way the cookie crumbles. He's very broad shouldered, so I feel like I'm here on behalf of both of us." Kate Winslet was saddened that her REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star Leonardo Dicaprio wasn't nominated for a BAFTA honour.

28th January 2009

Quote: "I used to try to hide them from being recognised in the street. Now I say to my daughter, 'Do you know why people come up to us?' And she says, 'Yes, because you do films and are famous.'" Kate Winslet has finally explained her unusual job to eight-year-old Mia.

28th January 2009

Quote: "I was the fat kid at the back of the line, who often didn't even get seen because her name began with a W. They would run out of time when they got to R. I often wouldn't even get in the door." Kate Winslet had a tough time auditioning at the beginning of her career.

26th January 2009

Quote: "They're very uncomfortable and you feel out of touch with your own head. When I did THE READER and REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, I couldn't bear the thought of another wig, so I told their make-up people to cut my hair and dye it any way they wanted to instead." Kate Winslet refused to wear a hairpiece for her recent movies.

26th January 2009

Quote: "The great thing about the two... is that my kids don't have to fight over one." Kate Winslet admits two Golden Globes are better than one.

19th January 2009

Quote: "He feels more like my husband than my real husband." Kate Winslet sometimes feels closer to her friend and REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star Leonardo Dicaprio than her husband, director Sam Mendes.

19th January 2009

Quote: "I'm just grateful she didn't make three films." Meryl Streep is nervous about going up against twice-nominated Kate Winslet in the Best Actress category at next month's (Feb09) British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards. Winslet garnered nominations for her roles in REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and THE READER, while Streep received a nod for DOUBT.

15th January 2009

Quote: "There is so much access to celebrity that it's become harder to hold on to any mystery as an actress. The audience can have a fixed idea of you in their head." Kate Winslet believes Hollywood's enigmatic qualities have disappeared due to the public's thirst for celebrity gossip.

15th January 2009

Quote: "I'm a normal human being. I don't have any desire to change my body as a result of having had two kids. That's a good thing, isn't it?" Kate Winslet won't bow to Hollywood pressures to have cosmetic surgery.

14th January 2009

Quote: "They race for sanctuary under your armpits when you lie on your back." Kate Winslet on her large breasts.

13th January 2009

Quote: "My mind went so blank. It was such an amazing moment." Double Golden Globe winner Kate Winslet explains why she forgot about Angelina Jolie in her acceptance speech on Sunday (11Jan09) as she apologised to her competitors for scooping the prize for Best Actress for REVOLUTIONARY ROAD.

13th January 2009

Quote: "It was all Kate Winslet's fault. (She said) 'I think he's got the hots for you.' (I said) 'Don't be ridiculous, I'm old enough to be his older sister." Emma Thompson reveals co-star Winslet played matchmaker between her and now-husband Greg Wise on the set of SENSE + SENSIBILITY.

12th January 2009

Fact: SIDNEY POLLACK and Anthony Minghella, the executive producers of Kate Winslet's THE READER, both died last year (08) before they saw the finished film.

12th January 2009

Quote: "Had I not known Kate at all, she would still have been my choice for the part. She was perfect for it." REVOLUTIONARY ROAD director Sam Mendes insists he was not biased in casting his wife Kate Winslet in the lead role of his latest movie. The decision paid off - Winslet won the Golden Globe for Best Actress at Sunday's (11Jan09) glittering ceremony.

7th January 2009

Quote: "I do like to look good, of course I do. I never really feel that I'm a great beauty, though. Hollywood is full of beautiful women - and I am not one of them. I'm just an English girl who does her best." Actress Kate Winslet is modest about her looks.

2nd January 2009

Quote: "I eat sensibly and I don't stuff down chocolate biscuits. I don't go to the gym because I don't have time, but I do Pilates workout DVDs for 20 minutes or more every day at home." Hollywood star Kate Winslet reveals her secrets to staying slim.

2nd January 2009

Quote: "Yes, my life is incredible but, oh my God, I have to work at it. It's the same for any working woman. You run and you work, you run and you work, and you try not to let anything drop." Kate Winslet finds it difficult juggling a Hollywood career with motherhood - but is adamant she is just like any other working mum.

27th December 2008

Quote: "I don't really talk to anybody apart from Leo about what I am thinking of doing. Including Sam sometimes, actually." Kate Winslet prefers to take career advice from her TITANIC co-star Leonardo Dicaprio rather than director husband Sam Mendes.

24th December 2008

Quote: "I don’t really talk to anybody apart from Leo about what I am thinking of doing. Including Sam sometimes, actually.” Kate Winslet prefers to take career advice from her TITANIC co-star Leonardo Dicaprio rather than director husband Sam Mendes.

23rd December 2008

Quote: "Leo and I would play this silly game of 'Guess the press questions'. We would do versions of the questions and versions of the answers between ourselves." Kate Winslet and her REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star Leonardo Dicaprio have a unique way of entertaining themselves during press conferences.

12th December 2008

Quote: ''I think they'll go on doing a movie together only once every 10 years.'' Sam Mendes on actress wife Kate Winslet and her REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star Leonardo Dicaprio, who she starred with in the hit 1997 movie TITANIC.

11th December 2008

Fact: Kate Winslet is set to receive a special award celebrating her career in cinema at the forthcoming Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The TITANIC star will be honoured with the Montecito Award on 23 January (09).

10th December 2008

Fact: Kate Winslet read THE READER six years ago when she was pregnant with her son Joe. She now stars in the film version of the short story.

5th December 2008

Quote: "When you meet the person you know you are going to spend the rest of your life with, vanity and insecurity drop away. Also when you've gone through childbirth, the idea of being self-conscious is obliterated." British actress Kate Winslet is no longer worried about her weight.

26th November 2008

Quote: "Look at those foreheads move! I mean, he has this amazing furrow, which wasn't as prominent then... I just love seeing those things. I am enjoying my face changing." Kate Winslet realises she and her REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star Leonardo Dicaprio have aged since shooting TITANIC.

26th November 2008

Quote: "That is worth the pain! I am thrilled to hear someone like Halle say something like that. But what I would want to say to her is, 'Well, you can,' because all I do is say, 'I don't give a s**t!'" Kate Winslet is thrilled by Halle Berry's recent comments about the Brit's courage when it comes to stripping on screen.

4th November 2008

Quote: "Do I want it? You bet your f**king ass I do!" Five times Oscar-nominated actress Kate Winslet is determined to win one day.

11th June 2008

Quote: "I would go gay for Kate Winslet. I saw her across the room at a party once. She is the sexiest woman on the planet." U.S. The Office star Jenna Fischer reveals her female crush.

5th September 2007

Fact: Kate Winslet, Denzel Washington and director Martin Campbell will all be honoured at BAFTA/LA's 16th Britannia Awards in Los Angeles on 1 November (07).

17th August 2007

Quote: "There's not an awful lot that embarrasses me. I'm the kind of actress who absolutely believes in exposing herself." Kate Winslet is a free spirit.

6th June 2007

Fact: Actress Kate Winslet has signed a two year contract as the new face of cosmetics brand L'Oreal.

26th February 2007

Quote: "My daughter (Mia) came up with the colour idea when she was eating mint chocolate chip ice cream." Kate Winslet on the inspiration for her Grecian Valentino Oscar gown.

25th January 2007

Quote: "My mum is the best. My mum rocks... Is that DORY? I love you Dory." Kate Winslet's three-year-old son Joe is proud of his mum but stunned he's talking to the voice of his favourite Finding Nemo character when US talk show host Ellen Degeneres phoned to congratulate the British actress on her Oscar nomination.

19th December 2006

Quote: "The thing I don't like is that it's a very long ceremony and I always need to pee and I always feel like I'm gonna go at the wrong moment... so I just sit there kinda dying for a pee." Kate Winslet on her Oscar night fears.

9th December 2006

Quote: "Jude Law and I spoke on the telephone a lot before we started shooting going, 'Oh, my God, what if we don't make them laugh; they're going to fire us!" Kate Winslet and her co-star JUDE LAW felt the pressure to be funny in the romantic comedy THE HOLIDAY.

20th November 2006

Quote: "Kate Winslet is a very fine filly and she's doing well, she's winning many races... They (owners) did ask me if I wanted to become involved in some way with Kate Winslet but I declined. I'm not very good with horses." Actress KATE WINSLET is thrilled to hear she's the inspiration behind a top US racehorse.

14th November 2006

Quote: "Books and pens only, or mittens and hats." Kate Winslet refuses to spoil her kids at Christmas.

17th October 2006

Quote: "Ricky Gervais tries to f**k you up. He'll fart in the middle of a scene and won't crack a smile." Kate Winslet reveals what it was like working with Gervais on British TV show EXTRAS.

11th October 2006

Quote: "I embarrassingly went up to Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes. I said, 'I love you so much I want to tongue-kiss you.' And she said, 'Ok.'" Oscar-nominated actress Kate Winslet on meeting her idol.

1st June 2006

Quote: "My stomach is all crinkly and my boobs are like the ears off a dog after having two children. I love those little marks of what you've been through." Actress Kate Winslet is philosophical about her post-baby body.

29th May 2006

Fact: Actresses Meryl Streep, Vanessa Williams, Helen Hunt and Kate Winslet are reaching out to teenage girls struggling with body image problems by penning essays for author WILLA SHALIT's new girl power book BECOMING MYSELF.

20th January 2006

Fact: <p>Eva Mendes has the best celebrity body, according to readers of German newspaper Bild. The actress polled more than a quarter of all votes, beating Jennifer Lopez and Rachel Hunter. Mariah Carey came fourth and Kate Winslet fifth. Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie and Renee Zellweger were also in the top ten. </p>

20th January 2006

Fact: <p>Kate Winslet was originally set to play NORA in Woody Allen's Match Point, but dropped out to spend more time with her family. She was replaced by Scarlett Johansson. </p>

17th January 2006

Quote: <p>"I've been compared to Kate Winslet a lot and I've also been compared by one journalist to LEONARDO DiCAPRIO. If they ever did TITANIC 2 I could be the love child!" TRISTAN + ISOLDE star Sophia Myles describes her perfect role. </p>

23rd December 2005

Quote: <p>"Lots of noise, lots of children, lots of presents and log fires and lots of ridiculous games involving running around the house sounding like a herd of elephants." Kate Winslet plans a noisy Christmas. </p>

16th August 2005

Fact: <p>Hollywood star Kate Winslet's 66-year-old father ROGER has launched a new career as the frontman of London rock band BIDGIE REEF +THE GAS. </p>

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