Kate Winslet is at her happiest when she's with her family.

The 40-year-old star - who has children Mia, 14, Joe, 11, and 22-month-old Bear - has revealed she feels at her most content when she's in the company of her loved ones.

Kate said: ''I'm happiest when I'm with my little family and we all wake up in the morning and everyone piles into bed and climbs on top of each other and someone has the great idea of 'Oh, let's put on a cartoon' and [her husband Ned Rocknroll] says 'Let's make some coffee'. Those moments are when I'm so happy.''

What's more, the British star that she's keen to look for the positive things in life, admitting her negative moments have prompted her change in attitude.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I have experienced moments in my life when I've had to work hard to come out the other side... It makes me so grateful to have strength and positivity. There's no hippyish, funky stuff. I just believe in being positive.''

Kate is currently appearing alongside Michael Fassbender in the Danny Boyle-directed movie 'Steve Jobs', about the Apple co-founder.