Kate Winslet likes "clean and simple" red carpet looks.

The 45-year-old actress looked back on several of her outfits from over the years and came to the conclusion she prefers to wear easy dresses whilst on the red carpet.

Speaking to ELLE, she said: "My go-to vibe for the red carpet is simple and clean."

Although the 'Mare of Easttown' star keeps on top of her wardrobe, she has a few spots she gets self-conscious about that her hair and make-up team workaround to make her feel comfortable.

She explained about her outfit for the 2009 Oscars: "Jillian Dempsey did my makeup, and Renato Campora did my hair. I was having some real issues with my skin at the time - properly breaking out around my chin area - it was nerve-racking, and I kept thinking, 'Oh, God, now I have to go to the Academy Awards like this.' Jill did an amazing job covering it up, though."

Kate also spoke about her ensemble for 2016 Academy Awards, saying: "I do a lot of barre and yoga, so my arms are quite strong and muscular, and my trapezoid can actually get quite overworked. I chose a strapless dress for this red carpet, so if I had worn my hair up, it would have exposed that one little area I'm self-conscious about. So Renato did my hair down, which was a welcome change because I hadn't done it in a long time."

What's more, the 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' star has revealed she still has her character's many wigs from the 2012 film that her kids like to try on.

She added: "I own all of the wigs now, and my kids try them on sometimes. The reason they look so real is that they all have a natural root. And the bright pop of color was yarn dye, not hair color dye."