As co-stars in Titanic, the second highest grossing movie of all time, Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio’s romance as Rose and Jack captured the imaginations of millions of people around the world. Nearly two decades later, Winslet has spoken about how Leo is still basically the same great person he was back then.

The duo have remained close since they filmed Titanic back in 1996 in their early twenties. Winslet, 40, says that the 41 year old star of The Revenant may be a bit more “settled” than back then, but that he’s hardly changed since they first worked together.

Kate Winslet Leonardo DiCaprioWinslet and DiCaprio at the premiere of 'Revolutionary Road' in 2008

“He's a solid, loyal person,” Winslet says in a new interview with People magazine. “He's a great friend, he always has been, and not just to me, but to everyone around him. He still has friends he had when we made Titanic.”

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The pair worked together again on Sam Mendes’ 2008 movie Revolutionary Road. This awards season, they’ve been spotted chatting together and enjoying each other’s company as DiCaprio has been sweeping the awards for his lead role in The Revenant, including a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award already and a hotly-tipped Oscar winner for later this month.

“In many ways he hasn't changed a bit, but in other ways he absolutely has changed. He's a stronger actor in this moment than he's ever been,” says Winslet. “I think he's more handsome than he's ever been. And he feels, to me, the most settled he's ever felt, in himself, right now, which is quite strange, really, given that there's a lot happening around him.”

“He's quite centered and calm, and that's different to the way he was 20 years ago,” Winslet finished. She herself is up for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Joanna Hoffman in Steve Jobs.

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