Harvey Weinstein’s unfair influence over Hollywood and its leading ladies has been coming to light ever since the shocking revelations of his widespread sexual harassment and misconduct were exposed earlier this year. Now it is British actress Kate Winslet who has revealed herself to have been at the end of producer Weinstein’s authority after he labelled her "difficult" because she refused to tolerate his bullying.

Kate WinsletKate Winslet said she refused to put up with Harvey Weinstein's bullying

The actress - who has starred in big films including Revolutionary Road and The Reader - has spoken out about her experiences with shamed Weinstein who has faced hundreds of accusations of sexual misconduct.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, the 42-year-old star said her working relationship with Weinstein was uncomfortable.

She said: "He was just so horrible to deal with.

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"I was one of the ones he would label 'difficult' because I wouldn't do the things he would ask for me to do on a business-level...

"These were ridiculous requests... He didn't like me because I wouldn't be bullied by him."

The star of Titanic was also riled by Weinstein trying to constantly remind her he was instrumental in her big break in Peter Jackson's movie Heavenly Creatures in 1994 - which was distributed by the movie mogul's company Miramax.

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He said: "He would come up to me every time I saw him, 'Don't forget who gave you your first movie!' He didn't 'give me' my first movie - I auditioned for four months. Peter Jackson gave me the part.

"But, you know, how dare he even sow that seed in my mind, that in some way any part of my career had anything to do with him rooting for me or pushing for me or putting my name forward."