British favourites Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman have reunited for Rickman’s first film as a director in more than a decade: A Little Chaos. The upcoming romantic drama, which Rickman has also written, is centred round Winslet’s widow Madame Sabine De Barra, a landscape architect who is recruited to design the gardens of King Louis XIV.

A Little Chaos
Kate Winslet stars as a landscape gardener challening sexual protocols

Rickman plays the French monarch and Matthias Schoenaerts plays master landscaper Andre and Winslet’s love interest within the gardens of Versailles.

Stanley Tucci and Danny Webb also star in this British period piece that was showcased to largely positive reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

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The Guardian reviewer gave the film three out of five stars and described the performances as "excellent".

She continued: "Winslet manages emotional honesty with anachronistic confines and Schoenaerts escapes with dignity.

"Though one’s tolerance for Stanley Tucci as a camp aide with a heart of gold wears slightly thin, he is at least ever so good at it after the 800th time."

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Although not everybody spoke highly of the film and The Independent reviewer felt let down by Rickman as a director as his directing "lacks pacing and plot" and he has wasted "the talents of two of Europe’s finest actors."

A Little Chaos is out on April, 17 in the UK or for a sneak preview at the trailer click here.