The new period drama 'A Little Chaos' may be set in France in the 17th century, but its filmmakers never intended it to be a historical tale. Not only is it essentially a comedy, but it was shot in England with a predominately British cast.

Kate Winslet in 'A Little Chaos'
Kate Winslet in 'A Little Chaos'

Actor-director Alan Rickman defines the movie as "a very modern love story" that only happens to be set within a group of landscape designers working on the Gardens of Versailles.

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"It's not really about them," he says. "We play fast and loose with history. It's a joke that a woman like Sabine [Kate Winslet's character] could have existed at all. It would have been impossible. The same with Le Notre [Matthias Schoenaerts], who would have been servanted at the time. But that's the point in a way. Hopefully we're telling a story that after a while you forget about period and think, wow, a totally male dominated world in which women are just decorative objects. What would be the modern parallels of that, perchance?"

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Winslet finds it odd that people take these kinds of movies so seriously. "It's often assumed that British actors read Shakespeare and sonnets as we're going to bed at night and we're all very familiar with it," She says. "I'm actually not. I starred in the film version of 'Hamlet', and Shakespeare is extraordinary. But I myself haven't been particularly drawn to it, because it is daunting. Period films don't need to be like that, and 'A Little Chaos' isn't. Sabine is very positive and joyful and we don't often see characters like that, especially in period films. It feels fresh and at times funny. Plus Mattias is hot as hell!"

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