Kate Moss pulled out of a scuba diving course - because she's too scared of fish.

The supermodel is currently holidaying in the South of France with her husband Jamie Hince and a group of pals and was keen to get her formal qualification in diving while she's there but her fear of sea-dwelling creatures put an end to that.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Kate has been snorkelling before and dived a bit. She was keen to get a formal qualification, did some of the classroom-based stuff and was really getting in to it. But then she got convinced she was going to bump into a giant, scary fish - possibly a shark - and began to get nervous.

"When a school of tropical fish swam past, Kate got a bit terrified by one of the bigger, grey ones, Pals were calling her 'Skate Moss' all afternoon, joking she'd stumbled across a giant skate."

So instead of going under water, Kate intends to spend the rest of her break on British businessman Sir Philip Green's luxury yacht by relaxing with pals while sipping champagne in the sun.

The source added: "Obviously the yacht she's staying on is filled with vodka and champagne, and the gang like nothing more than sunbathing on deck with a chilled beer or a glass of bubbly."