Kate Moss is in bed by 11pm.

The 46-year-old supermodel used to be known for her wild partying ways, but these days, she prefers a night in in front of the TV with a box set before getting a solid eight hours sleep.

She said: ''I hit the sack at 11pm-ish and watch Netflix before I go to sleep. I've just finished 'Sex Education' - it's so funny. I wake up at around 8am. I'm a bit groggy in the afternoon if I don't get eight hours sleep.''

Kate - who has 17-year-old daughter Lila with former partner Jefferson Hack - loves her private yoga classes and finds them the best way to banish stress.

She said: ''My exercise routine starts with yoga in the morning; my instructor comes to my house. I also have a mini gym with a Peloton bike, which I don't use very often. It's quite hardcore but my brother loves it...

''I deal with stress by doing yoga. It helps me concentrate on the here and now.''

The catwalk legend famously dyed her hair pink for a Versace show in 1999 but had to change back to her natural brown for another job the following week, and she revealed her locks were so badly damaged by the rapid changes, her tresses ''fell out''.

She told Britain's ELLE magazine: ''The craziest thing I've done in the name of beauty is dyeing my hair pink. It was only for a week but when I dyed it back, my hair fell out and I had to cut it all off. ''

Kate's friend, DJ Fat Tony, recently claimed the British beauty has more fun these days, two years after getting sober.

Tony - who himself has been sober for 13 years - said: ''Kate's been clean for over two years. Me and my sober mates now have a better time than we ever did when we used to drink and take drugs.''