Kate Moss loathed being branded "heroin chic".

The 47-year-old supermodel was among a group of models in the early 1990s who were branded "heroin chic", the then-popularised term for skinny and pale women with dark circles under their eyes.

Kate - whose 18-year-old daughter Lila has followed her into the modelling business - was also called anorexia and admitted it's "unfair" that some models today are criticised for being skinny, because they might be able to eat what they want and not gain any weight.

Kate told Reader’s Digest: "In the early days I became linked with the phrase 'heroin chic', which I always thought was awful.

"There is no positive interpretation of that and I certainly never felt one.

"At the end of the day I was always thin and small and no amount of eating would put weight on me.

"I see models now who are similar to me and sometimes the criticism they get is unfair because - up to a certain age at least - there are some of us who can just eat what we want without too many real consequences.

"That definitely changes in later life though, as I found out after the birth of my daughter Lila."

Kate, who had a reputation as a party girl, previously insisted being called anorexic was "more upsetting" than the "heroin chic" label.

Speaking in 2013, she said: "It was horrible, especially the anorexic thing.

"The heroin, I was like, 'Oh, it’s just ridiculous I don’t do heroin. Just because I wear a bit of black eyeliner that’s smudged'.

"But the anorexic thing was a lot more upsetting, to be held responsible for somebody’s illness. I wasn’t anorexic."

While she also previously spilled that her fellow supermodels of the 1990s, such as Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen, used to lead her astray and get her "in trouble".

Asked if her peers used to give her advice, she said: "Yes. They'd say, 'Kate, you don't have to go to rehearsal for the show - come with us for dinner!' They were so naughty. They got me in trouble."