Kate Moss' husband gets ''separation anxiety'' when they're apart.

Jamie Hince, who married the supermodel in 2011, hates being away from his spouse when he has to go on tour with his rock band The Kills or when she's jetting around the globe for modelling jobs.

He is quoted by the Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: ''My wife is very much my sidekick, so I tend to get separation anxiety when I'm away from her.''

Jamie, 45, insists the hardest part of touring with his band is missing his family and he can't bear to be away from Kate, 40, and their pet dog Archie for too long.

Speaking about the beloved pooch, he gushed: ''He came from the deepest, wildest countryside in Italy. He was almost feral. I should've gotten a shelter dog, I know. But Archie was born, he was there and he needed me, so I adopted him.''

However, as well as missing his family when he's away on music commitments, Paul admits he's also in a lot of pain with his hand after a brutal hand injury threatened to end his guitar-playing.

Jamie - who had to completely retrain himself to play his prized instrument - explained: ''It's taken its toll on my other fingers and I'm in pain quite a lot after shows. That's my least favourite part of touring now - the physical pain, and missing my family.''