Kate Moss' daughter hated her dark hair.

The blonde supermodel experimented with a different tone for a fashion campaign in 2013 and though her locks were a hit with her husband Jamie Hince, 12-year-old Lila - her child with former boyfriend Jefferson Hack - wasn't impressed.

She said: ''I took my hair darker for the Versace show - I didn't love it.

''I would need to wear more make-up than I do now if I went dark permanently and that is just too much of a commitment for me. Jamie loved my dark her, Lila really didn't.''

The 41-year-old beauty also recalled a past fake tan disaster, and admitted she is expecting her daughter to make similar beauty errors as she grows up.

She said: ''I experimented with self-tan when it first came out.

''I was really young and ended up leaving my socks on. The result was orange legs from the ankles up and white feet - nice!

''I was too scared to do it again for a while after that.

''I imagine Lila might also have one or two experiences like that one day.''

Kate would prefer spending time with her daughter to attending to her appearance.

She told Britain's Marie Claire magazine: ''I prefer hanging out with my daughter to getting my nails done, so I look after them at home instead.''