Kate Moss has been the epitome of perfection in the fashion world since the nineties, but at 39, even the gorgeous model might start displaying a few flaws here and there. Unfortunately for Kate, commercials and modeling gigs require absolute perfection. Fortunately for her, there’s always a little cheat – in this case, a body double. Moss was spotted on Monday, filming an ad in London – and she wasn’t the only one spotted on set, according to The Daily Mail. While Kate was seen sporting a grey cami and thigh high boots under an enormous furry coat, the presence of another, visibly younger model in the same outfit would suggest that the 39-year-old was using a body double.

The switch isn’t all that surprising really, since under the skimpy outfit, Kate was displaying a bit of sag here and there – nothing you wouldn’t expect of a 39-year-old, of course. Still, the sight of Moss’s belly, as well as the fact that she had apparently neglected to put on underwear, was enough for the media to rip apart the model’s appearance. So perhaps the body double – an as-of-yet-unknown young lady – was probably a smart move on Kate’s part.

The revelation has prompted some to ask – how much of what we’ve seen of Kate Moss lately has been the real deal. The model has a Playboy shoot scheduled for later this month, which begs the question, will she be using her body double for that as well? We wouldn’t worry though, since photo retouching is presumably much cheaper than hiring an extra model would be.

Kate Moss, Central London
Even with the extra weight, Moss still rocked the kooky outfit.

Kate Moss, Central London
No body double necessary.