Kate Middleton, the Royal family and onlookers worldwide are anticipating the arrival of her child with Prince William. The Duchess of Cambridge checked into St. Mary's Hospital, London where she is expecting her baby sometime in mid-July.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Kate Middleton laughing with her husband Prince William at the Queen's Birthday Parade in June 2013. 

The due date may be uncertain- the couple revealed their child will be due sometime in mid-July- yet the world press and British public are already camped outside Buckingham Palace and St. Mary's Hospital, London in expectation of the future Royal's imminent arrival. St. Mary's is also where the baby's Grandfather (Prince Charles) and Uncle (Prince Harry) were born. 

Kate Middleton finished her royal duties last month in order to rest for the arrival of their child. The baby will be the third in line to the throne (after Prince Charles and Prince William). Regardless of the child's sex the baby will be the third in line, making Prince William's brother Harry the fourth. Previously, male heirs took precedence over females in the line of succession. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton were married in April 2011, the couple are known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, they announced they were expecting a child in December 2012. 

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton arriving at Warner Brothers Studios, London in April 2013. 

Other Royal babies are expected within the next year as show-jumper Zara Phillips and her rugby player husband Mike Tindall are expecting their first child in the New Year. Phillips is the granddaughter of the Queen and the announcement was made by Buckingham Palace on Monday (8th July 2013). 

Speculation surrounding the birth, its details and the future of the child has been wide spread. Betting shop, William Hill, has offered members of the public the opportunity to bet on possible baby names. For a girl these include Alexandra, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana and Victoria. The most popular boy's names are George and James. 

The arrival of the baby will be announced via a notice outside Buckingham Palace, Twitter and the Palace's official websites. 

Zara Phillips
Zara Phillips, pictured at a Range Rover event in New York, is expecting her child in the new year.