Kate Middleton is ready to pop any minute now! At least that's what an official source from Kensington Palace told the BBC on Monday (July 22) morning as the big baby day draws nearer and nearer. There were few other details about exactly how far along the Duchess of Cambridge is in her contractions and other such pregnancy matters, but chances are we won't hear anything else about the birth until the future king or queen of the United Kingdom is actually born.

Katherine Middleton
Kate is due to give birth any minute now

Kate travelled to St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London with her husband the Duke of Cambridge Prince William late last week and has been it was finally confirmed that she has indeed gone into labour this morning. When the child is born it will become the third in line for the British throne, behind it's father Prince William and his father Prince Charles before him. This will apply even if their child is a daughter (but given how far overdue it is we're banking on a future king), after Queen Elizabeth II passed a groundbreaking piece of monarchical legislation last year that guaranteed any future first born the British throne regardless of gender.

The Royals
The Duchess (L) and Duke (R) of Cambridge have barely left each others side

Since last week, the worlds press has been camped outside the London hospital hoping to get their first glimpses of the baby, even though the exact due-date was never officially announced by the royals. It was expected that Catherine would be giving birth around early or mid-July, however it now seems that the Duchess is either over-due or was actually due for a later date than originally anticipated.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married at Westminster Abbey in a traditional and opulent ceremony in April 2011, in what became one of the biggest television events in modern times. The ceremony was watched by millions of people around the world and we're sure the royal baby will whip up just as much excitement. We'll update you on more information about the royal baby as it unfolds.

Kate Middleton
Kate made her last public appearance in June at the Trooping of the Colours