You know the paparazzi have gone overboard, when Kate Middleton has to hire a minder to make sure her privacy isn’t invaded. That happened this week. According to The Mirror the Duchess of Cambridge has hired a woman to make sure that photographers keep their distance, after a photo of her bare bottom was posted online by a German magazine.

Kate Middleton
Apparently even the most modest of clothing can't help Kate against the paps.

Even more troubling was the way the photos were taken – an opportunistic photographer snapped the pictures when Kate’s blue and white Diane Von Furstenberg dress blew up on a visit to Sydney's Blue mountains during her official tour of Australia last month.

But wait, isn’t there some kind of law against that? The pictures we mean, not the tour of Australia.

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Kate Middleton
Here's a photo of Prince George to distract you from this depressing story.

Apparently it’s not illegal, but to their credit, UK magazines all refused to publish the pictures, which is why they were sold overseas instead. The pictures were taken after the Duchess got off a helicopter, when the wind from the propellers caused her dress to fly up. To make sure that no one takes advantage of similar situations in the future, the female minder will accompany Kate on shopping trips to prevent any more embarrassing photos. It’s just another chapter in Will and Kate’s ongoing struggle to maintain some privacy by preventing the publication of photographs.

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Kate Middleton
And another one. Does this help.