Kate Mara and Jessica Alba compared 'Fantastic Four' costumes.

The 32-year-old actress plays the Invisible Woman in the reboot of the movie franchise and was stunned to find herself sitting by her predecessor - who had the role in the original two films in the series - on a recent flight.

She said: ''Jamie Bell and I were on a plane to New York and Jessica was in the seat behind me.

''Jamie said, 'What are the chances of there being two invisible women on one plane.'

''I just laughed and we introduced ourselves. She asked me how comfortable the costume was - I said it wasn't too bad and she said it couldn't have been worse than hers.''

Kate has worked on both independent films and Hollywood blockbusters, and though the movie-making experience is different, she cares ''just as much'' on every piece of work she does.

She told Shortlist magazine:'' If you're doing a little independent film, the comfort levels will be different - you may not have anywhere to change and maybe you don't get the food you like.

''On a comic-book film you have the intense fans and the expectation that comes with bringing the character to life.

''But you care just as much, regardless of the size of the film.''