Former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star Kate Jackson is reportedly fighting late TV mogul Aaron Spelling's estate for cash she alleges she is owed for creating the hit series she starred in. Jackson reunited with fellow Angels Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith for a Spelling tribute at the Emmy Awards last month (AUG06), but behind the smiles the actress was hiding a secret battle with the TV producer's family. She made a subtle dig at the Spellings in her Emmy tribute speech, stating, "We're taking back the brand, man," and US tabloid National Enquirer claims that was Jackson's way of reminding the estate she means business. A source tells the Enquirer that Jackson had to think twice before agreeing to take part on the Charlie's Angels Emmy reunion. The insider reveals, "Kate has a lot at stake financially, and she's analysing every move she makes. "The possibility of a financial windfall for Kate is very real, and she's very determined to see it through. "Kate's animosity toward the Spelling estate stems from her feeling she truly deserves partial ownership (of the Charlie's Angels name)."