Kate Hudson Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

31st March 2017

Quote: "It's not something that we think about that often, do you know what I mean? I think it would be fun, but it would have to be the right thing... If it happens, it happens." Actress Kate Hudson is open to starring alongside her mum, Hollywood veteran Goldie Hawn, in a future film.

13th November 2016

Fact: Kate Hudson reunited with her How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days co-star Matthew MCConaughey on Saturday (12Nov16), 13 years after they played lovers in the classic romantic comedy. The old pals caught up as they attended the Baby2Baby Gala in Los Angeles, where Matthew was accompanied by his wife, Camila Alves, who joined the actors for a sweet photo together. Other guests at the event included Kelly Rowland, Jessica Alba, pregnant Molly Sims, and Jennifer Garner, who was honoured at the bash.

29th September 2016

Quote: "You know what I really want right now? Honestly... I want funny. Funny makes me happy. But I just want someone really hot! Like, I just want, like, a hot guy right now. Not quite for life, you know... I think Brad is very, very handsome." Kate Hudson wants a funny, hot guy in her life - like newly-single Brad Pitt.

12th September 2016

Quote: "Growing up watching him work, he's such a pro and I think it was a great lesson for me when I was younger as to what kind of actress I wanted to be and the person on set I wanted to be. I just love everything he's done." Kate Hudson is full of praise for her father, Kurt Russell, who she worked with recently on the upcoming action movie, Deepwater Horizon.

9th May 2016

Fact: Kate Hudson put record label executives on alert at the weekend (07May16) by posting footage of her performance of Prince's Nothing Compares 2 U at her mum Goldie Hawn's Love In For Kids event on Instagram. The actress belted out the ballad at the bash on Friday night (06May16).

1st May 2016

Quote: "I’m surprisingly strict in some capacity. I’m pretty easygoing when it comes to TV and video games... I’m really more about how they are ethically treating people and (their) politeness and manners." Kate Hudson describes how she gets strict with her two sons Ryder Robinson and Bingham Bellamy.

28th April 2016

Quote: "Unfortunately or fortunately, our family is very open. There's some things that we don't necessarily want to know about each other, but everything is out on the table in our family. My mum is my great confidante. I pretty much do tell my mum everything. It's vice versa." Actress Kate Hudson shares everything with her family, especially her mother Goldie Hawn.

25th April 2016

Fact: Chris Martin and Demi Moore were among the celebrities who joined birthday girl Kate Hudson for her wedding-themed party in Los Angeles on Saturday night (23Apr16). The actress actually turned 37 on 19 April (16).

9th April 2016

Quote: "It really feels like high school. I can't say hello to anybody without (people speculating we're together). I don't comment when I'm single because some of them are right, some of them are wrong. But I end up with everybody anyway! I've been linked to every one of my brother's best friends. We're going to do a coffee table book of all of my 'mystery men.'" Single actress Kate Hudson, who has been romantically linked to pop star Nick Jonas in recent months, wishes the media would stop speculating about her love life whenever she is pictured with a male companion.

21st February 2016

Quote: "I think we both probably suffered differently and very similarly to anybody who feels abandoned by a parent. Life is funny. I just feel so lucky. I feel like it was a blessing. No matter what he (Bill Hudson) goes through, I'm all forgiveness." Kate Hudson reveals she doesn't resent biological father Bill for abandoning her and brother Oliver Hudson.

18th February 2016

Quote: "I, literally five seconds ago, was on FaceTime with (Ryder's) teacher, going like, 'He did what? He did what... ?' He's a great kid, I love him so much. They're your kids and you love them and then you can't stand them sometimes - it's just the truth." Actress Kate Hudson on the troubles of raising two boys. She is mum to 11-year-old Ryder, from her marriage to rocker Chris Robinson, while she also shares four-year-old boy Bingham with ex-fiance, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy.

25th January 2016

Quote: "I'd say I'm a pretty darn good parent. I'm gonna pat myself on the back for that. I've got good kids... Ryder is turning out to be... I'm really super proud of him, and, you know, I had something to do with that, so I think parenting is where I feel probably my strongest." Actress Kate Hudson is proud of her accomplishments as a single mother-of-two. She shares 12-year-old Ryder with her rocker ex-husband Chris Robinson, while she also has four-year-old son Bingham with former fiance Matt Bellamy of Muse.

28th October 2015

Quote: "She's one of my favourite people on the planet. We're like family. She's an amazing mother and she's, like, (my son) Ryder's second mom. She's a special woman." Kate Hudson on best pal Gwyneth Paltrow. Hudson presented Paltrow with the Style Icon Award at Monday night's (26Oct15) inaugural InStyle Awards in Los Angeles.

5th October 2015

Fact: Pop star Britney Spears has found a new friend in Kate Hudson after crashing the actress' game night outing on Saturday (03Oct15). The two blonde beauties shared photos of their impromptu get-together on social media, with Hudson posting, "That moment when @britneyspears shows up to your game night and your (sic) all like #itsbritneyb**ch". Spears responded with her own Instagram snap on Sunday (04Oct15), which she captioned, "Two blondes... Too much fun. Loved hanging with you last night @katehudson!"

30th September 2015

Fact: Kate Hudson has been named the face of the 2016 Campari Calendar. The actress will follow Eva Green, Jessica Alba and Penelope Cruz. Photographer Michelangelo di Battista has captured the Almost Famous star for the alcoholic liqueur's iconic new calendar, which will be unveiled on 18 November (15).

7th September 2015

Tweet: "Who’s that sassy Panda? It’s Mei Mei who’s me me in Kung Fu Panda Three Three!" Kate Hudson has replaced Rebel Wilson in Kung Fu Panda 3.

27th July 2015

Fact: Kate Hudson and her 11-year-old son Ryder showed off their dancing skills in an Instagram.com video on Saturday (25Jul15), as they grooved to rapper Fetty Wap's hit song Trap Queen while waiting for a flight at an airport. She added the caption, "How we deal with airport lounge boredom... #TrapQueen #DancingWithMyBoy #WhenYourPreTeenWantsHisOwnInstagramAndYoureLikeNoooooooo".

1st April 2015

Quote: "There's not a lot of love on this album." MUSE rocker Matt Bellamy was in no mood for writing romantic songs on the band's upcoming record, Drones. Bellamy and film star Kate Hudson announced in December (14) that they had ended their three-year engagement.

27th November 2014

Quote: "It's about 20-plus of us all together. We watch football with the kids... He watches. But ya know, they have another kind of football. But he's up for anything." Actress Kate Hudson admits her fiance, British rocker Matt Bellamy, doesn't get as involved in her family's Thanksgiving Day tradition of gathering around the Tv to watch American football.

29th September 2014

Fact: Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated her 42nd birthday with another star-studded birthday party on Saturday (27Sep14). Celebrities seen arriving at her home in Los Angeles included her ex-husband Chris Martin, Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie and Toby Maguire. Paltrow first celebrated her birthday with Cameron Diaz on Friday (26Sep14) at AOC Wine Bar and Restaurant in Los Angeles.

1st August 2014

Quote: "My favourite onscreen kiss was Heath. That was pretty excellent. He was just so beautiful and sweet and gentle. He was lovely. That's a tough one to answer, but an amazing memory." Kate Hudson fondly remembers her The Four Feathers co-star, late actor Heath Ledger.

24th July 2014

Quote: "I don't think I would ever want to do something like that because my mum plays such iconic roles that I couldn't really see anybody for that matter being able to embody or encompass what it is that she is. It's a funny thing to kind of take on that (responsibility)." Actress Kate Hudson has no plans to remake any of her mother Goldie Hawn's classic movies.

22nd July 2014

Quote: "We're married, I mean, we've got kids and a family and... we are in it. I think if we do get married it'll be for the kids really, whereas for us we're just... we're happy. There is something beautiful about the security of marriage, but I mean, we'll get there when we get there." Kate Hudson insists marriage is no longer a priority for her. She became engaged to rocker Matt Bellamy in 2011. The couple has a three-year-old son named Bingham together, while the actress is also mum to 10-year-old boy Ryder, from her first marriage to Chris Robinson.

21st July 2014

Quote: "He's such a wonderful boy. He terrorises Ryder, which is weird because Ryder's so much older than him... Ryder's very patient with him. But he's getting big." Actress Kate Hudson admits Bingham, her three-year-old son with rocker fiance Matt Bellamy, can be a handful for his older half-brother, 10-year-old Ryder, her only child with ex-husband Chris Robinson.

10th June 2014

Quote: "The negativity is just so vast. Will everybody stop being so damned judgemental? If someone wants to go get butt implants, then sure, go get butt implants. The real question is, how do they treat the person next to them? Are they a-holes or are they awesome?" Actress Kate Hudson wants to put an end to nasty comments in Hollywood.

8th June 2014

Quote: "I was as shocked as anyone, but I personally think that you make the choices you make and you should reap the consequences. That is exactly what you deserve." Actress Kate Hudson shares her thoughts on the doping confession which cost her ex-boyfriend, cyclist Lance Armstrong, his seven Tour de France titles, and the steroids scandal which threatens to end the career of another former lover, baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

16th May 2014

Quote: "I wanted to create a sunglass that drew inspirations from iconic women like Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and my mum." Actress Kate Hudson on her new sunglasses line for Chrome Hearts.

7th May 2014

Quote: "I love interior design. Sometimes I'll get finger pain from swiping so many pictures, and then my brain starts to go, 'I've looked at like, 5,000 kitchens.'" Kate Hudson is obsessed with renovations.

7th May 2014

Quote: "A triathlon is on my bucket list. I started training a long time ago and my life took a different turn... (but) I will definitely accomplish that at some point." Actress Kate Hudson on her athletic dreams.

22nd April 2014

Quote: "A triathlon is on my bucket list because, one - its a really clearly defined goal. Two - I've been through all these different phases in my life. I love to cycle, and I went through a real running phrase. When you set those goals, other things in your life start to follow because you realise you can actually achieve something." Actress Kate Hudson is determined to cross the impressive athletic feat off her to-do list.

12th November 2013

Quote: "People think we own all these dresses but we borrow them! I can't afford to buy that stuff. There are certain things I splurge on, but it's very rare, especially when you have two kids and school tuition. I'm not a big high-end fashion shopper." Actress Kate Hudson insists she never spends her hard-earned cash on red carpet gowns because they are simply too expensive.

22nd October 2013

Quote: "I've eaten in all sorts of different ways over the years. I like to do juice cleanses twice a year for five to seven days, or food elimination cleanses, where I just eat superclean. That's really the only time when I'm very strict. Other than that, I eat everything. I just love food. I love bread. I love pasta." Actress Kate Hudson on her dieting extremes.

17th October 2013

Quote: "I'd sleep in for an extra three hours and hope my kids let me. Next, I'd work out and take a sauna. Then I'd probably want to get in the pool with the kids. After that I'd read, followed by watching Downton Abbey while eating a big bag of Pirate's Booty (puffed rice and corn snack). That would be my perfect day." Actress Kate Hudson describes her perfect day.

10th July 2013

Fact: Kate Hudson celebrated her son Bingham's second birthday on the London set of her new movie Good People on Tuesday (09Jul13). The actress' fiance, Muse rocker Matt Bellamy, was spotted taking the tot to see his mother as she worked on the film.

26th May 2013

Quote: "She was raised in a family where there was a lot of travelling and upheaval going on all the time. She is really open to us being on the road and because of that we haven't really been apart for anything more than a week since our baby was born. A lot of the time, if she is working, I will go to where she is - and it works both ways." Rocker Matt Bellamy on making his relationship with Kate Hudson work.

28th April 2013

Fact: Actress Kate Hudson celebrated her 34th birthday in style on 20 April (13) after her rocker fiance Matt Bellamy threw her a surprise bash in New York City. The party was held at a pal's home in the West Village and guests included Cameron Diaz and Judd Apatow.

23rd April 2013

Quote: "I look forward to it... We’ll both figure it out. We’ve been both very busy, but it will happen." Actress Kate Hudson insists she's still planning on becoming Mrs. Matthew Bellamy after becoming engaged to the Muse rocker in 2011.

4th April 2013

Quote: "I love it. I've learnt the cha-cha and the tango, I'm having dresses made. Those colours and flounces are totally my guilty pleasure. The whole thing's an excuse to go out on the dance floor looking almost naked. With sequins, it's so sexy." Actress Kate Hudson on her obsession with ballroom dancing.

21st February 2013

Fact: Hollywood actress Kate Hudson and her Muse rocker fiance Matt Bellamy were photographed dancing on a sofa together during the Warner Music Group BRIT Awards afterparty at London's swanky Savoy Hotel on Wednesday night (20Feb13).

14th February 2013

Fact: Actress Kate Hudson is fronting a new advertising campaign for video game giant Nintendo. The blonde beauty will feature in commercials for the handheld 3Ds and 3Ds XL consoles promoting Brain Age: Concentration, a new game aimed at improving players' mental health. Penelope Cruz, Beyonce and Dame Helen Mirren have all previously starred in ads for the brand.

24th January 2013

Fact: After signing up for a second season as the face of fashion brand Ann Taylor, actress Kate Hudson has also agreed to design a mini-range 'capsule collection' for the company. It will be in shops later this year (13).

24th January 2013

Fact: Kate Hudson will reprise her role as the face of fashion brand Ann Taylor for the company's 2013 campaigns and she has also agreed to become a brand ambassador for the firm.

27th December 2012

Tweet: "Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We are all together in Aspen. Being with just our family makes us all so happy." Goldie Hawn is celebrating the festive season in Colorado with loved ones, including actress daughter Kate Hudson and her fiance Matt Bellamy.

19th October 2012

Fact: Ewan McGregor and Kate Hudson are in talks to play the romantic leads in actor-turned-director Peter Capaldi's new comedy Born To Be King.

14th September 2012

Quote: "Being that mean for me, it's pretty difficult. It was challenging to keep a straight face." Actress Kate Hudson struggled to play nasty dance instructor Cassandra July in Glee. Her debut as the character aired in the U.S. on Thursday night (13Sep12).

13th September 2012

Quote: “She’s been my go-to about where to get things done - grocery shopping, a good mani-pedi, you know, all that. I look up to Gwyneth and how she has been in her life. She’s the real deal.” Kate Hudson turned to London-based American Gwyneth Paltrow for advice when she first started spending time in the U.K. with her British fiance Matt Bellamy.

13th September 2012

Quote: "I Googled him right away. And it was shocking, 'cause he was like two completely different people. I didn't realise what I was walking into (when I first saw him on stage). I was just in awe of his ability and his talent. And then to know him on the other side of it, and how sweet and simple and loving he is..." Kate Hudson search the web for her fiance Matt Bellamy after their first meeting.

13th September 2012

Quote: "She shows up with a pizza and Doritos... (and) she puts on these reading glasses that have headlights on them... And, she brings a magnolia flower... and she starts to do these visualisations with me. She’s going, 'Imagine your v-jay jay (vagina) as a large magnolia flower blossoming'…I’m like, 'Mom, I don’t want to imagine anything on my body that big... ever.' I mean it was huge." Actress Kate Hudson had a surreal experience when she gave birth to her second son Bing last summer (11) when her mum Goldie Hawn took over the delivery room during her 18 hours of labour.

13th September 2012

Quote: "We're sort of going back and fourth about, you know, is it a big wedding? Are we going to get married on a mountaintop? You know, we've both been so into having a baby and our life schedules. We just want to make sure it's right when it happens." Kate Hudson on her plans to wed Muse frontman Matt Bellamy.

15th August 2012

Fact: Actress Kate Hudson and her fiance Matthew Bellamy have given their baby son Bingham a new playmate - the couple bought a two-month-old French Bulldog at a New York City pet shop last month (Jul12). A source tells Us Weekly magazine, "They knew exactly what they wanted. They took the dog right home!"

7th June 2012

Fact: Ice hockey fans Kate Hudson, Cuba Gooding, JR., Matthew Perry, Charlie Sheen and movie mogul Jerry Bruckheimer were among the stars who attended the Stanley Cup final clash between the New Jersey Devils and Los Angeles Kings at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (06Jun12).

20th April 2012

Quote: "There's no prepping for a wedding. She's very happy. She's a great mom, the baby's beautiful, and they'll get married when they're ready." Goldie Hawn insists her actress daughter Kate Hudson is in no rush to walk down the aisle with Muse rocker fiance Matt Bellamy.

19th April 2012

Tweet: "Happy birthday my Katie girl!!!" Goldie Hawn takes to Twitter.com to send her best wishes to her daughter Kate Hudson as she turns 33 on Thursday (19Apr12).

29th August 2011

Fact: New parents Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy treated the actress' son Ryder to a sporting treat on Saturday (27Aug11) - all three went incognito to Chelsea's premiership game against Norwich City in London. Baby Bingham stayed at home.

11th July 2011

Tweet: "This may be the week that I become a mother... my due date is Thursday! I am beyond excited (and just a bit petrified!)." Socialite Ivanka Trump is due to become the latest star to give birth this month (Jul11) - Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson both welcomed their babies over the weekend (09-10Jul11).

23rd May 2011

Quote: "It's like something out of the film Alien - Kate's tummy is so big you can see elbows and hands sticking out of her belly." Rocker Matt Bellamy admits he's freaked out by pregnant fiancee Kate Hudson's growing baby bump.

17th May 2011

Quote: "I got to say I love Chris Robinson, loved him, still do. I loved Alex (Rodriguez). We had a tremendous time together. I think Kate has been fortunate with all the men she's gotten close to." Kurt Russell has warmed to all the men his partner Goldie Hawn's daughter Kate Hudson has fallen in love with. The actress is now pregnant and engaged to her rocker fiance Matt Bellamy.

15th May 2011

Quote: "It traumatised the s**t outta me. I literally, like, threw up that night." Kate Hudson recalls watching The Exorcist when she was 16.

15th May 2011

Quote: "My son does the best Matthew MCConaughey impersonation... If I had the guts to put my son on YouTube, doing a Matthew MCConaughey impersonation... It's pretty good." Kate Hudson on her seven-year-old son Ryder's mimicry skills.

13th May 2011

Quote: "He's really into decaf English Breakfast tea... He's getting an overload of PG Tips (tea-bags) lately. His father, Chris, is a PG Tipper and then I meet Matthew and Matthew's a PG (Tips fan), and so now I'm in search of decaf English Breakfast teas." Kate Hudson admits her English fiance, Matt Bellamy's love of tea is rubbing off on her son Ryder.

6th May 2011

Quote: "It's weird to say fiance to me. I like baby daddy. So he'll be my baby daddy until he's hubby." Kate Hudson refuses to call her future husband Matt Bellamy by the traditional pre-marriage title, preferring to focus on the fact he's the father of her second child.

5th May 2011

Quote: "It's weird to say fiance for me. I like baby-daddy better." Pregnant actress Kate Hudson on how she refers to rocker boyfriend Matt Bellamy.

29th April 2011

Quote: "Of course (I will be watching). I'm kind of excited. It's a girl becoming a princess." Kate Hudson was one of an estimated two billion people watching Britain's royal wedding on TV.

29th April 2011

Quote: "He's very protective. I put spicy stuff on my food, and he goes, 'Mum, the baby might not like spicy.' He also doesn't want me to drive, and I can't get up on anything high. I got up on a thing to get his ball out the other day, and he went, 'Just get down!' It's cute." Kate Hudson's seven-year-old son Ryder is looking out for his pregnant mum.

29th April 2011

Quote: "It was like a funny time for me, when I went to Coachella (music festival), it was like one of those times like I'm single and I am so excited to be single! And of course that's when you meet this amazing love. There he is. Next thing you know you're knocked up." Pregnant actress Kate Hudson jokes about meeting her new fiance Matt Bellamy

28th April 2011

Quote: "He's really excited about having another kid around. It's nice that he's a little bit older because he really understands what is going on and is able to be a part of it." Pregnant actress Kate Hudson insists her seven-year-old son, Ryder, is looking forward to welcoming his new sibling later this year (11).

28th April 2011

Quote: "Matthew's really excited and is going to be a beautiful father. I'm hoping the baby has his kind nature; he's very loving and nurturing, so I hope the baby inherits these qualities. That and his eyes, because he has amazing ones." Pregnant actress Kate Hudson on her baby with fiance Matt Bellamy.

27th April 2011

Quote: "It was very sweet and very romantic." Pregnant actress Kate Hudson on her surprise engagement to Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. The British rocker proposed in New York last week (ends22Apr11).

19th April 2011

Quote: "If my mom knitting a pink blanket is any indication that she is ready for a girl... She is almost positive." Kate Hudson's mother Goldie Hawn is convinced her daughter's unborn baby is a girl.

19th April 2011

Quote: "Ryder was a surprise too. I really knew Ryder was a boy... but the surprise was so great. My boyfriend wants to know, but I've convinced him how nice it is not to have expectations of what it is." Seven months pregnant Kate Hudson doesn't want to know the sex of her unborn child.

1st April 2011

Quote: "She is just beautiful. She is out of control! Okay I am pregnant but how is my own mother thinner than me? She looks better than I do, how is that possible? Everyone always talks about their parents and what will happen but I swear my mum is going to outlive all of us." Kate Hudson is in awe of her youthful looking mum, Goldie Hawn.

17th March 2011

Fact: Pregnant Kate Hudson and her boyfriend, Muse star Matt Bellamy, thrilled the wannabes on American Idol on Wednesday night (16Mar11) by popping backstage for a chat.

14th February 2011

Quote: "I'd love to give a special shout out to my beautiful, pregnant girlfriend over there." Muse frontman Matt Bellamy sends his love to actress Kate Hudson from the stage at the Grammys after collecting the award for Best Rock Album for The Resistance.

14th February 2011

Quote: "I'd love to give a special shout out to my beautiful, pregnant girlfriend over there." Muse frontman Matt Bellamy sends his love to actress Kate Hudson from the stage at the Grammys after collecting the award for Best Rock Album for The Resistance.

28th January 2011

Quote: "I was crazy about him. In one film you could see his peepee. I would rewind it all the time." Pregnant actress Kate Hudson was a huge fan of Tom Cruise while she was growing up.

28th January 2011

Quote: "My parents were like, 'We're not paying for anything ever again!' My car would break down. Nothing." Kate Hudson's actress mum Goldie Hawn refused to give her money when she first started her Hollywood career.

10th November 2010

Quote: "We like to sit up really late and eat cheese, talk about boys." Kate Hudson on hanging out with pal Fergie.

20th October 2010

Quote: "I remember especially when I was first starting out, you walk into an audition and you leave and you're like, 'You know, all I really need to do is stand up, turn around and show them my assets and walk out'. And, if that's the case I definitely didn't get the job!" Kate Hudson admits her figure failed to land her any parts when she was a struggling actress.

20th October 2010

Quote: "Marriage is not my golden ticket anymore, I'm not looking for that... but I'd definitely like more children one day, that I know for sure." Kate Hudson has no plans to wed again after ending her marriage to rock star Chris Robinson in 2007.

20th October 2010

Quote: "She clamped onto my breast like nobody's business. She was a voracious eater... She still likes to eat." Goldie Hawn shares memories of her actress daughter Kate Hudson as a baby.

29th July 2010

Quote: "I don't believe (monogamy) is realistic... If you focus your attention on that, then you are always wondering if your husband or men are out there cheating on you... I just don't want to know. As long as things are good in our house, just please don't get caught." Actress Kate Hudson has a liberal view about cheating spouses.

28th June 2010

Fact: Kate Hudson turned out to support her rumoured new boyfriend Matt Bellamy during his show with Muse at Britain's legendary Glastonbury festival. The actress stood in the wings and took photographs during the rockers' set on Saturday (26Jun10).

10th June 2010

Quote: "He's in a French school. Due to travel schedules, it was a school that could accommodate the traveling circus family. He had a hard time but now he's kind of loving it. He's into this thing like if the ladies love it, it's cool." Actress Kate Hudson is raising her son with ex-husband Chris Robinson, six-year-old Ryder, to be bilingual.

9th June 2010

Quote: "I can't wait to have more kids. He's my buddy, I love it. The older he gets the more fun I have with him." Actress Kate Hudson is eager to expand her family as she watches six-year-old Ryder, her only child with ex-husband Chris Robinson, grow up.

26th May 2010

Quote: "For some reason, I am always being mistaken for her. I've had people stop me saying, 'I love your movies, Drew. I've been watching you since E.T.'" Actress Kate Hudson admits she is frequently mistaken for Drew Barrymore.

17th May 2010

Quote: "I always thought my mother was so damn cute! It never bothered me. My brothers might feel differently about it but, for me, I felt my parents laid it out for us pretty well. We always had a good perspective about sex." Kate Hudson has no problems with her mum Goldie Hawn's sex scenes.

15th May 2010

Fact: Actress Kate Hudson surprised attendees at a charity concert in New York on Thursday (13May10) when she rocked out with Bruce Springsteen on stage. The Boss was performing at Carnegie Hall as part of Sting and his wife Trudie Styler's Rainforest Fund benefit, which also saw sets by Lady GaGa, Sir Elton John and Debbie Harry.

13th May 2010

Fact: Kate Hudson is the new face of Revlon's Almay make-up brand.

5th May 2010

Quote: "We have this little ritual where we meet at like 2 or 3 o'clock, and we drink champagne and do hair and make-up and take pictures. Then we come here and we start walking and we're like, 'Oh my God! I'm going to trip!'" Liv Tyler turns preparing for the annual Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala in New York a full day affair with pal Kate Hudson.

26th February 2010

Quote: "The fact that women can avoid going under the knife and get a little Botox treat... I'm glad it'll be there for me when it's time." Actress Kate Hudson isn't opposed to getting to getting a wrinkle-beating injection.

22nd February 2010

Fact: Celebrity fitness guru TRACY ANDERSON, who has trained the likes of Madonna, Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow, has landed her own U.S. reality TV show. The as-yet-unnamed series, which will follow the personal trainer as she whips her A-list clients into shape, is set to premiere this spring (10).

11th December 2009

Quote: "He's a dreamer, he loves to dance and play air guitar." Kate Hudson's five-year-old son RYDER has inherited his famous family's genes. The boy's father is The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, while he calls Hudson's mum Goldie Hawn and her longtime partner Kurt Russell grandparents.

4th December 2009

Quote: "It's like the most exhilarating, joyful thing in the world. It's so much fun." Kate Hudson loved singing and dancing in new movie musical NINE.

3rd December 2009

Quote: "I have a child, and there are people involved, and it's unfair to talk about somebody else, especially when you're not in that place yet to be discussing those things. If I was sitting here with a belly out to here, I'd be talking about what the relationship is and how important that is in my life right now." Kate Hudson refuses to discuss her relationship with baseball star Alex Rodriguez for the sake of her young son RYDER.

29th November 2009

Quote: "To learn the routine took about two months. And it took two days to shoot. We all lost like two inches." Kate Hudson slimmed down during the filming of movie musical NINE.

29th November 2009

Quote: "I am always the annoying person at the party who is doing the national anthem at the Super Bowl and singing along. Everyone is normally like, 'Kate! Enough!' I am constantly singing." Hollywood actress Kate Hudson has always been an entertainer.

28th November 2009

Quote: "He loved it. Funnily, I could see him look at Penelope and I could see in his eyes that he recognised what a beautiful woman she is." Kate Hudson's son RYDER developed a crush on her NINE co-star Penelope Cruz.

26th November 2009

Quote: "The first time I met her was amazing. Her eyes - you just stare and you're like, 'Oh my God, you're insanely beautiful.'" Kate Hudson was awestruck when she met Sophia Loren on the set of their new movie NINE.

19th November 2009

Quote: "I've been pregnant all year... I'm eloping, I'm pregnant. Oh God, it's always something." Kate Hudson on the rumours surrounding her romance with baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

7th October 2009

Fact: BRIDE WARS star Kate Hudson stunned passers-by in New York on Tuesday (06Oct09) - after she ran down a busy street in a wedding dress and clutching a bouquet of flowers. The stunt was part of a photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar magazine.

1st June 2009

Fact: Madonna and Kate Hudson were among the celebrities who came out to watch Prince Harry play polo in New York at the weekend (30May09). The British royal led a team to victory at the second annual Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic on Governor's Island. Madonna took her three-year-old adopted son David Banda to the event and was joined by Hudson, LL Cool J and Chloe Sevigny.

3rd March 2009

Quote: "You have a kid, get divorced and then youre a whore. Kate Hudson on life after marriage.

5th February 2009

Quote: "I wasn't a good student. I didn't like school so I don't blame him for not wanting to go. I am going to be a bad school mum." Actress Kate Hudson understands her son RYDER's dislike of the classroom.

2nd February 2009

Quote: "I'm not a golf groupie, I swear! But Adam Scott is yummy - Kate Hudson has just been seen with him and I'm so jealous!" Molly Sims has a secret crush on the golf star.

9th January 2009

Quote: "I was a beer bride. I don't have a picture of me without a beer in my hand. It was a great wedding... and an amazing divorce. So it all worked out fine." Kate Hudson on her seven-year union to rocker Chris Robinson.

8th January 2009

Quote: "I'm going to be a bad school mum. I hated school, so I can't blame him for not wanting to go." Kate Hudson admits she doesn't set the best example to five year old son RYDER.

8th January 2009

Fact: Rocker Chris Robinson has treated his son with ex-wife Kate Hudson to a pair of Siamese kittens for his fifth birthday. Young RYDER celebrated turning five on 7 January (09) and was presented with cats Nano and Ruthie by Robinson and his girlfriend Allison Bridges.

8th January 2009

Quote: "This is a big day for me because it was the day I gave birth to my son, so wherever my baby is - which is hopefully in bed - I love you. Happy birthday, sweetheart." Kate Hudson gave a special shout-out to her son Ryder in her Favorite Leading Lady acceptance speech at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday (07Jan08).

8th January 2009

Quote: "I'm not supposed to be here right now; this is supposed to be Kate Hudson... but she's in traffic. She's 40 minutes away, so let's wait... It's no way to sell a movie, Kate." Comedienne Ellen Degeneres pokes fun at Hudson's tardiness after she had to present the Favourite Funny Male Star honour to Adam Sandler at the 35th annual People's Choice Awards on Wednesday night (07Jan09).

7th January 2009

Quote: "Kate Hudson has the fastest texting thumbs in Hollywood." Anne Hathaway on her BRIDE WARS co-star.

5th January 2009

Quote: "I always had a boyfriend. This is the first time I've been single since I was 16!" Kate Hudson.

3rd January 2009

Fact: Kate Hudson was sent home from school for wearing short skirts, according to Tobey Maguire's jewellery designer wife JENNIFER MEYER, who has known the actress since they were children.

18th December 2008

Quote: "I hate the term 'hippie chic'. Let's face it, hippies are not chic. I should know, I married one." Actress Kate Hudson learned about the hypocrisy of high fashion before she split from her former husband, Black Crowes rocker Chris Robinson.

28th October 2008

Quote: "One night I saw a beautiful woman in my bedroom. I woke up my then boyfriend and asked, 'You see what I'm seeing?' He said, 'No.' And then she was gone." Hollywood actress Kate Hudson is still spooked by one of her most haunting Halloween memories.

8th October 2008

Fact: Pop star Katy Perry's real name is Kate Hudson. She changed it because she grew tired of people mixing her up with Goldie Hawn's actress daughter.

19th September 2008

Quote: "I guess I've been in the dating game for like two-and-a-half years now. But I've only dated like three guys." Kate Hudson disputes reports she has become a serial dater since splitting from husband Chris Robinson.

17th September 2008

Fact: Charlize Theron, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker have joined U.S. First Lady wannabe MICHELLE OBAMA on People magazine's coveted 10 Best Dressed Stars list. Fergie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson also make the cut.

17th September 2008

Quote: "There's a very good reason for that: they don't get out enough." British comedian Ricky Gervais reasons why Hollywood actresses Kate Hudson and Eva Mendes and singer Lily Allen have all confessed to having "secret crushes" on him.

5th September 2008

Quote: "Intellectually, yes. But instinctually? No. There's always one of you who would throw down (the other)." Actress Kate Hudson is convinced men and women can't maintain strictly platonic relationships.

5th September 2008

Quote: "Intellectually, yes. But instinctually? No. There's always one of you who would throw down (the other)." Actress Kate Hudson is convinced men and women can't maintain strictly platonic relationships.

7th August 2008

Quote: "I have this thing where it's like, OK, I've chosen to bungee jump off this ledge. I have to do it. And if the cord snaps, well, I might as well enjoy the ride down." Actress Kate Hudson isn't afraid to take a plunge.

7th August 2008

Quote: "I have this thing where it's like, OK, I've chosen to bungee jump off this ledge. I have to do it. And if the cord snaps, well, I might as well enjoy the ride down." Actress Kate Hudson isn't afraid to take a plunge.

1st August 2008

Quote: "You know, if all else fails I just Google Anita Pallenberg in, like, 1971, and I'm like, that's for me! She was such a performer and she was really incredible, easy and comfortable - everything she wore was pretty amazing." Actress Kate Hudson reveals her style icon.

30th July 2008

Quote: "I wish I could just bottle him right now. He's just fantastic." Actress Kate Hudson wishes son RYDER would stay four years old forever.

2nd June 2008

Fact: Kate Hudson has undergone a shocking hair transformation - the actress has streaked her blonde hair with bright blue hair dye. The new look is for her role in forthcoming movie BRIDE WARS.

5th May 2008

Quote: "I just like being small-chested, and it would feel really weird and bizarre if I was anything different." Actress Kate Hudson fears the boob job she sometimes considers would leave her feeling strange.

5th May 2008

Quote: "If I could look like Brigitte Bardot for a week, I'd do it." Kate Hudson dreams of looking like the French film and fashion icon.

4th May 2008

Quote: "If I could look like Brigitte Bardot for a week, I'd do it." Kate Hudson dreams of looking like the French film and fashion icon.

13th April 2008

Quote: "Maybe next time I'm in London, I will show up and you'll be like, 'Wow Kate, look at the size of those!'" Kate Hudson ponders undergoing breast enhancement surgery.

11th April 2008

Quote: "You've just got to let those things go. I mean I can't tell you how many covers of magazines I've been on and my eyes are blue. I don't have blue eyes. I have green eyes." Kate Hudson insists the airbrushing and altering of her magazine photos never bothers her.

14th March 2008

Quote: "I don't think I've slept in four years." Kate Hudson admits she's a tired mum.

11th March 2008

Fact: Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz have made it onto Shape magazine's new hottest celebrity bodies list. The girls are joined by Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria Parker and Kate Beckinsale in the new top 10.

28th February 2008

Quote: "I never date... My work and my son take up a lot of my time. Dating is exhausting for me." Kate Hudson remains single.

24th February 2008

Fact: Charlize Theron won $250,000 (GBP125,000) in a charity dominoes match organised by Salma Hayek on Thursday night (21Feb08). The Oscar winner beat Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Kate Hudson, among others to become the event's big winner.

22nd February 2008

Quote: "I don't really worry about it because I've danced my whole life. I work out all the time and I'm not worried about being totally perfect." FOOL'S GOLD star Kate Hudson explains how looking gorgeous in a bikini for the film comes naturally to her.

18th February 2008

Quote: "My favourite cocktail is tequila with a splash of tonic and three limes. That's my drink, it's a good drink and I always have good times with that drink." Actress Kate Hudson on her favourite tipple.

14th February 2008

Quote: "I remember watching my mom in these ridiculously tight dresses but she knew exactly what to wear to look good in for her body and she told me only to wear what you feel good in." Kate Hudson gets her fashion tips from her mother GOLDIE HAWN.

6th February 2008

Quote: "We had a really bad salty one on this movie - he came out there with snot on his nose, and I was like, 'This is really fun.'" Kate Hudson on her worst kissing encounter with FOOL'S GOLD co-star MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY.

26th January 2008

Quote: "Everybody's still processing it. It's very sad, and he is loved. We're just thinking about his family right now." Kate Hudson is shocked by the sudden death of her FOUR FEATHERS co-star HEATH LEDGER.

22nd December 2007

Quote: "We're like brother and sister! We seem to drive each other crazy in a good way. Matthew kind of puts it perfectly when he says that we fight well and flirt well, and we're perfect pains in each other's ass." Kate Hudson on her relationship with her How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days co-star MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY.

18th December 2007

Quote: "I just love to have fears because I love to be able to conquer them." Actress Kate Hudson confesses she relishes a challenge.

30th October 2007

Fact: New Hollywood couple Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal arrived at pal Kate Hudson's Halloween party on Saturday night (27Oct07) wearing masks in a bid to avoid the paparazzi. WALK THE LINE Oscar winner Witherspoon also donned a platinum wig.

20th October 2007

Fact: Kate Hudson attended the 'Class of '97' reunion at Crossroads school in Santa Monica, California last Saturday (13Oct07), where she was joined by former classmate-turned-basketball star BARON DAVIS.

11th October 2007

Quote: "Every once in a while, he'll go, 'Oh my God, mommy, you're on TV, you're on TV!' I don't think he has any understanding of (it), I think he's aware that it's mommy's job." Actress Kate Hudson's three-year-old son RYDER is starting to realise his mother is famous.

23rd August 2007

Quote: "Someone tells me not to have a cigarette, I want to throw them over the balcony." Actress Kate Hudson likes to smoke in peace.

13th November 2006

Fact: Kate Hudson will star in the romantic comedy BRIDE WARS which pits two best friends against each another when the prospective brides select the same wedding day and neither will change the date.

17th August 2006

Quote: "It's so sad. There's a lot of love there. These things just happen." Goldie Hawn on her daughter Kate Hudson's marriage split from husband CHRIS ROBINSON.

9th August 2006

Fact: Matthew Mcconaughey and Kate Hudson are to team up on the big screen again in a new adventure comedy. The pair, who played lovers in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, will play divorced treasure hunters in new film FOOL'S GOLD.

12th July 2006

Quote: "I wouldn't go that far, although I wouldn't remember." Kate Hudson disputes Michael Douglas' claims he once changed her dirty nappy when she was a baby.

12th July 2006

Fact: Kate Hudson made sure the cast and crew of new comedy YOU, Me + DUPREE would remember her at least for another year by making 2007 calendars featuring a collection of her sexy shots from the film and handing it out as a wrap gift.

3rd July 2006

Quote: "I remember when I read the script for the first time and thought, 'God, I'm naked for a lot of this movie.' So I wasn't too surprised when I got to the set and I was told to strip down to my underwear." Kate Hudson on filming her new movie YOU, ME AND DUPREE.

28th June 2006

Quote: "CHRIS (ROBINSON) says we practice all the time, so we're bound to slip-up." Kate Hudson on her chances of having a second child.

30th May 2006

Fact: Kate Hudson's baby son with Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, RYDER, calls his grandmother GOLDIE HAWN 'Gogo' and his grandfather KURT RUSSELL 'Gogi'.

21st December 2005

Quote: <p>"I do remember changing KATE's diapers. Goldie (HAWN) and I have been dear friends for a long, long time." Michael Douglas admits he's had some parental experience with Kate Hudson, who plays his daughter in new movie YOU, ME AND DUPREE. </p>

20th October 2005

Quote: <p>"I was a big, jolly pregnant lady. Put a beard on me and I could've been a Santa Claus." Kate Hudson has an unflattering image of herself when she was pregnant with her baby son RYDER. </p>

9th August 2005

Quote: <p>"If you can't wear high boots over your jeans - if you don't have the legs for it - just don't do it." Actress Kate Hudson reveals a bohemian style no-no. </p>

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