Kate Hudson thinks Hollywood has become ''overly sensitive''.

The 41-year-old actress can understand why a scene from her breakthrough movie 'Almost Famous', in which William Miller (Patrick Fugit) kisses her character, Penny Lane, while she's unconscious after overdosing on Quaaludes, has been cut from the Broadway musical of the story, as well as suggestions her alter ego was just 16, but she thinks it was only the right choice because there is so much concern about not ''upsetting people''.

She said: ''It was quite innocent actually, but you know, we're in sensitive times and if people feel it's necessary to be ultra-sensitive and not upset anybody, then yes, that's the right choice. I do think there are circumstances in the business right now that are overly sensitive.''

While her co-star Patrick admitted the scene ''might be problematic'' today, he thinks director Cameron Crowe was simply showing an ''authentic'' moment that would bring up uncomfortable memories years later.

He told The Independent: ''Crowe has this way of taking an authentic look at some impulses that make you squeamish later down the line. I'm not saying that compares to kissing somebody while they're high on Quaaludes, but we've all done or said things that 20 years later make us squirm.''

Meanwhile, Kate's favourite memory of the ''magical'' shoot came on her final day of filming, when she sneaked back to her hotel after a night of partying.

She recalled: ''Jason Lee and everybody were going out and I had to do a really early shot in Central Park at 6am the next morning. It was my final scene.

''So I ended up pulling a total all-nighter with the boys and I'm sneaking back to my bedroom, which is next door to Cameron.

''There's like four of us outside my room and I can't get my key to work, and I'm there, in a really pretty little dress, clearly just getting home at 5am. Cameron hears and gets up and looks at me. Then he just goes: 'Rock'n'roll.' ''