Kate Hudson got her first pair of 'high-heels' at 12-years-old.

The 36-year-old actress has recalled her excitement on receiving the bright red pumps when she was a young girl.

She said: ''My mom didn't let me wear heels back then, but I used to go in her closet and try hers on, of course. I wore a sundress that had a big skirt and it was white with little cherries on it. My mom bought me my first pair of high heels that day; they must have only been an inch or so.

''They were bright red and she gave them to me all wrapped up. I was so happy! So my first pair of heels were bright red pumps, which I couldn't have been more excited about.''

The 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days' star received the shoes as a present from her mother Goldie Hawn for graduating from her ballet class and she has admitted she loved the ''discipline'' dancing gave her.

She told the New York Daily News: ''I grew up dancing. My mom put me in dance classes since I was three years old and I did ballet up until 12.

''I wasn't allowed to skip class; I just knew I had to go. If you have that kind of discipline as a kid it sort of translates to everything.''