Kate Hudson is stashing away her red carpet outfits to hand down to her daughter.

The ‘Almost Famous’ actress, 44, who has five-year-old girl Rani Rose with her fiancé Danny Fujikawa, 37, said she knows the value of passing on clothes.

She told People about putting them aside for Rani: “I have a very extensive archive at this point. Not all of them I’ve gotten to keep over the years, but the ones that I (can), and the ones that are custom and all that, I hold onto them.

“(Rani) is already going through my shoes, and I catch her kind of opening my closet doors and looking in, peering into certain things, and I’m like, ‘Oh, it just already belongs to Rani.’

“So one day I’m sure I’ll start to see things go missing.”

Mum-of-three Kate also has sons Bingham ‘Bing’ Hawn, 12, with her Muse frontman ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy, 45, as well as Ryder, 20, with her 57-year-old musician ex-husband Chris Robinson.

When asked if she takes fashion inspiration from her 78-year-old mum Goldie Hawn’s wardrobe, Kate added: “No, not anymore. Maybe when I was younger, and I was living at home many years ago, I would dip into my mom’s closet.”

Kate added about how she has sentimental ties to her red carpet outfits: “They’re also moments in your life, depending on what projects you’re working on or what you’re promoting, that are really a piece of my personal history.

“So holding onto them is sort of a retrospective of the art that I’ve created throughout the years, and is really interesting to look back on.”

“I’ve gotten very lucky between ‘How to Lose a Guy’ and ‘Almost Famous’, and even Liv for ‘Bride Wars’.

“I’ve been very, very lucky with costume.”