Kate Hudson says the secret to her glowing complexion is drinking water and getting plenty of shut-eye.

The 'Almost Famous' star has revealed the secret to her ageless appearance is ensuring she is fully hydrated and getting enough sleep.

Asked what the best piece of skincare advice she has received is, she said: "Drink water and get sleep! Whenever my skin is not feeling great, it’s usually because I’m dehydrated. And it really won’t matter what you put on your skin if you’re not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep."

The 42-year-old actress is also not afraid to slather her skin in "heavier creams" because it can take it better than when she was in her 20s.

She explained: "As your skin ages, I think it can handle more moisture and more product. When I was much younger, in my 20s, I had quite sensitive skin and did better using fewer products. Now that I’m older, my skin is still sensitive, but I can use heavier creams and other products without breaking out."

And as well as drinking plenty of H20 and resting, Kate - who has three kids - swears by never skipping her daily supplements, and loves lip balm and eye cream.

She added to Byrdie.com: "Taking my supplements is the skincare step that I never skip because it’s the one thing that affects my skin the most. I notice that when I’m taking my InBloom Essential Elements ($59) and Beauty Aura regularly, I can see it in my skin.

"I also never skip lip balm and eye cream. Even if my skin doesn’t need moisturising, I like to put a little cream under my eyes to give them a little love and use a nice balm to keep my lips moisturised."