Kate Hudson has launched a new range of supplements, which she claims are her secret to glowing skin.

The 41-year-old actress launched her INBLOOM brand on Tuesday (25.08.20) with a line of five plant-based powders - marketed as ''wellness jars'' - that claim to boost energy, improve sleep, clear brain fog, fortify your immune system, and prevent ''stress ageing'', through a mix of essential herbs, minerals, vitamins, and adaptogens.

And Kate says her initial idea for the supplements was rooted in beauty, as people would ask her how she gets her skin to look so flawless, and her answer would always revolve around taking care of the body from the ''inside out''.

She said: ''Really where it started for me was beauty. Magazines would always ask me, you know, 'What are your favourite beauty products? What do you do to keep your skin looking rested?' My answer was always, 'I know this is boring, but it's an inside out job.' ''

Kate's products are also geared toward solving many of the struggles people are having with stress and anxiety in the current climate, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

And the 'Almost Famous' star says making products that actively work to ''calm stress'' was important to her, because she wants to help people through this difficult period.

She added: ''Stress and anxiety are things people have struggled with forever. You add a pandemic on top of it and you're going to have far more than you would have ever possibly imagined. Knowing that we're all together in this is a wonderful source of support, but there are also actionable things you can be doing to help.

''It's why we use adaptogens, herbs that calm stress, in almost every one of our products. Even with energy, you want it without the jittery aspect. Especially right now, we don't need to feel more jacked up; we need to feel calmly energetic.''

Each INBLOOM jar is priced at $49 and are free of synthetics, gluten, and sugar.

Kate hopes her products will be ''affordable'' for the average person, because she knows some items in the wellness world can be out of many people's price range.

Speaking to InStyle, she said: ''With this idea of wellness being on-trend, a lot of things in the wellness world are quite expensive. I wanted to make nutrition accessible, affordable, and not too daunting.''