Kate del Castillo takes on the role of fictional first lady Emilia Urquiza in Mexican Netflix original series 'Ingobernable', which has been announced to return for a second season following the huge success of the first. Now on the run after she's accused of assassinating Mexico's President and her husband, Diego Nava (Erik Hayser), viewers will be able to catch up with Emilia's journey when the series makes its return in 2018.

Speaking after the announcement, del Castillo said: "I'm very happy that the second season of 'Ingobernable' has been confirmed, because there's still a lot to tell and new characters to meet." She's not giving too much away, but to hear that she enjoys being a part of the series 

Indie producer Argos, headed by Epigmenio Ibarra will be making their return to produce the second season of the series following their work on the first.

Joel Clark Ackerman, Erendira Ibarra and Alberto Guerra also star.

Kate del Castillo and Erik Hayser lead the cast of 'Ingobernable' season 1Kate del Castillo and Erik Hayser lead the cast of 'Ingobernable' season 1

In the show's first season, viewers saw Emilia and her husband Diego on the verge of divorce, and when an argument ended with the President falling to his death from a balcony, only for coroners to discover a bullet to the head killed him rather than the fall, Emilia has to go on the run in order to prove she had nothing to do with his death, whilst also investigating who took her husband's life.

Throughout season 2 we'll likely see Emilia go to those whom her government's policies have hurt the most for help in identifying the President's killer, but will they be willing to come to the aid of a woman they never held in high regard?

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Spanish-language series 'Ingobernable', season 1, is available now on Netflix with a variety of dubbing and subtitled options, with season 2 expected to debut around March 2018, or soon after.